22 February 2005

Reading & Watching & Buying

Another weekend over, another week begins.
Well, its Tuesday, so it began yesterday. And in true Monday form I had to deal with one of the last people I would want to deal with first thing on a Monday morning. Luckily it wasn't as painful as it could have been, and the sexist rumpelstilkin (ed: my private nickname for him , as I can imagine him throwing a huge tantrum and putting his leg through the floor... if only he'd disappear...) actually managed to listen to whole sentences of mine without interrupting. Wonders never cease to amaze.
The day actually got better as it went on - yes, I was surprised.

We had a new order of books arrive, with about 3 or 4 that I am dying to read. So with much sucking up to the Acquisitons Librarian I have 'The Jane Austen Book Club' by Karen Joy Fowler, and 'Eating with the Angels' by Sarah-Kate Lynch. I am already halfway through 'Jane Austen Book Club', and loving it! It has made me completely want to read all of Miss Austen's books - some of which I have never read before.

I've also been completely naughty and ordered online 'Before Sunset' on DVD - it has come out in NZ now (region 4), and its only $24.95 - very reasonable. Hopefully that will arrive for me this week (yay for free delivery).

Tomorrow and Thursday I am going on my much anticipated SQL course. My work has forked out for the costs (thank god). I am really looking forward to it as it should help me understand our database better.

And tonight I am off to the movies with Sarah - we are finally seeing 'Napoleon Dynamite'. I read that it is similar to 'Rushmore', which I own on DVD and adore.
Well, much work to do.. must go.


19 February 2005

Afraid Not Scared

I've finally extracted both Shins CDs from my stereo. I realised no matter how much I adore them, even I was going a little extra crazy with them on repeat... for over a week...
So, Ryan Adams 'Love is Hell' (pt 1 & 2) is what I am listening to now. I own all Ryan Adams albums (though none from Whiskeytown) - he is brilliant. Love the music and the lyrics. And at the moment the sadness of the songs on this album are pretty much mirroring my soul.

From out of the blue (ed: no pun intended) I have been hit with a drowning sorrow; the kind of sadness that makes everyone else fade away. I've spent the day alone - reading and watching DVDs. There is probably a profound reason for it all - but at the moment I am going with: I am completely shattered; utterly tired and worn out. And the more tired I am, the more emotionally sensitive I am.
This will no doubt explain why, while rewatching 'The Never Ending Story' for the first time in a decade or so, I completely bawled my eyes out. It was that scene where the horse dies in the swamp... man, I don't think I cried that hard when I watched it as a kid!!
I guess we all need a good cry now and then.

That's all for now. Happy days...

18 February 2005

Slacker's Guide to Success

Read an article on The Shins, at The New Zealand Herald here:
Slacker's Guide to Success

"You gotta hear this one song, it'll change your life I promise you."

New Slang, The Shins
Gold teeth and a curse for this town
Were all in my mouth.
Only, i don't know how they got out, dear.
Turn me back into the pet
That i was when we met.
I was happier then with no mind-set.
And if you'd 'a took to me
Like A gull takes to the wind.
Well, i'd 'a jumped from my tree
And i'd a danced like the king of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well.
New slang when you notice the stripes,
The dirt in your fries. Hope it's right when you die, old and bony.
Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall, Never should have called
But my head's to the wall and i'm lonely.
And if you'd 'a took to me like A gull takes to the wind.
Well, i'd 'a jumped from my tree
And i'd a danced like the kind of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well.
God speed all the bakers at dawn may they all cut their thumbs,
And bleed into their buns 'till they melt away.
I'm looking in on the good life i might be doomed never to find.
Without a trust or flaming fields am i too dumb to refine?
And if you'd 'a took to me like
Well i'd a danced like the queen of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well.

Prose... or something like it

I wrote this... and its strange really - the feelings related to it... anyway, its not all what it seems; just a way to let something out of me... I had a friend, who left, then found me again, now I am lost. It is bitter - I don't feel this way now. I guess its about getting over the loss of a friend for a second time - if that is even possible?

under a spell she was,
The Girl who thought she knew; it was a miracle to find
Him two worlds away.
but that meant everything was safe
words and more words
not even a look.
He was Her, but refreshingly new and different
He made Her laugh and love and write and whisper whisper
words that were private; thoughts reserved for her scribbling.
She didn't know that she helped make him strong,
a crutch; temporary. He walked away from her then.

It took time for Her wounds to heal
and in that time His grew raw,
He crawled back to The Girl who knew she had been treated like
a nothing; not worth the words it took to say good bye.
she let him
come back

worlds away betrayal came and it came
And the cowboy didn't stop it.
now She rides to the sunset
feeling the dying glow;
glances over her shoulder
a little less every day

(Written by Me, ... I apologise really, as I am no poet)

New Slang

Ok, I know things have got a little obsessive over The Shins, but I am *really* into them at the moment - especially after the concert.
I found this interpretation of the lyrics to New Slang (posted in my previous entry) at Song Meanings. I really agree with what she is saying - and by using her words it saves me from saying the same thing!

By StarClaire on 07-22-2002 @ 07:13:47 AM:
"Oh, this song...this is what it feels like to be stuck forever in a small, dull town, bored to tears, and you resort to thoughts of lost love...("a curse for this town")...and the bitterness and anger is somehow toned down to a jaded apathy because what use is it to be angry? You curse everyone and everything you see ("all the bakers at dawn, may they all cut their thumbs and bleed into their buns till' they melt away") and the days pass and you don't even seem to notice, and you think your life could have been so much more if that one person had just stayed...(If you'd a took to me like a gull takes to the wind") And your self-esteem is gone entirely ("king of the eyesores," "too dumb to refine") and you reach your breaking point and you tell this person...five seconds later you realize you shouldn't have. ("Never should have called, but my head's to the wall and I'm lonely.") Talking to the person now, you realize they're happy, they're doing well, and here you are. ("I'm looking in on the good life I might be doomed never to find.") There's so much more than meets the eye to this song...The musical composition is so simple and monotonous-like the speaker's life-and the lyrics are so completely opposite. They're original and fresh, and thus all the more bitingly articulate-old cliches have lost their meaning in the face of lines like this-specific imagery painting a picture that's not quite coherent until the very end. I love this song. "

17 February 2005

Getting Shin-y with it

Wow, I am getting tired. I wasn't at first; I was wired after a fab concert - The Shins! They rocked the King's Arms (ed: the venue). But I am winding down now... eyes sleepy...

Anyway, they played every song off both albums, and a new track which was mellow - really good. They talked to the audience, and for the first time in my concert-going-history I saw a band do shots on stage! The Shins certainly kept us all entertained in more ways than one.

Unfortunately both tonight and tomorrow's concerts are sold out or I would've gone again tomorrow! Although fortunately enough for me Sarah and I managed to have tickets for tonight's show.

It was kinda strange, but as I smiled away to the music there was this couple next to me - and it hit me: I am happy to be single. And I truly felt it - it made me smile more. Then the next second I wondered: Am I just kidding myself?! Well, for the second before that I wasn't... Maybe I am destined for a "single-serving" life - and maybe I am fine with that.

Ok, must sleep - had more to say but soon nothing is going to make any (more) sense.

15 February 2005

The Lovely Bones

I just finished reading 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold. It's a fiction book my friend Alex was raving about 3 or 4 months ago, then it was announced a few weeks back that Peter Jackson had bought the rights to it. Its to be his next movie project after 'King Kong'.

Read the story here:
Jackson's next film an adaptation of 'The Lovely Bones'

The New York Times described it as "an uplifting book about the abduction and murder of a young girl" but its about so much more than that.
Susie Salmon is a 14 yr old girl with her whole life ahead of her... or so she thinks until her neighbour rapes and murders her. This shatters her family, the community... affects so many people, and we hear about it all through Susie as she watches from her Heaven (sometimes its school with no teachers - everyone's Heaven is different depending on what you desire).
The way she innocently narrates the pain and hurt around her - watching her family and friends lose hope for her safe return, and then mourn her...
More than once was I almost brought to tears - honestly, its a tear-jerker to hear the victim talk about her murderer, or how she watches as her father smashes every single one of the ships in bottles they built and loved together (and the ones his father built with him).
I can't wait to see what and who Peter Jackson/Philippa Boyens/Fran Walsh script and cast - I think it will be wonderful to see Jackson adapt this story, and I believe he will do it complete justice (I am thinking of 'Heavenly Creatures').

Read more here:
Peter Jackson's movie plans send book sales soaring
Wellington feature in Jackson's next movie