19 February 2005

Afraid Not Scared

I've finally extracted both Shins CDs from my stereo. I realised no matter how much I adore them, even I was going a little extra crazy with them on repeat... for over a week...
So, Ryan Adams 'Love is Hell' (pt 1 & 2) is what I am listening to now. I own all Ryan Adams albums (though none from Whiskeytown) - he is brilliant. Love the music and the lyrics. And at the moment the sadness of the songs on this album are pretty much mirroring my soul.

From out of the blue (ed: no pun intended) I have been hit with a drowning sorrow; the kind of sadness that makes everyone else fade away. I've spent the day alone - reading and watching DVDs. There is probably a profound reason for it all - but at the moment I am going with: I am completely shattered; utterly tired and worn out. And the more tired I am, the more emotionally sensitive I am.
This will no doubt explain why, while rewatching 'The Never Ending Story' for the first time in a decade or so, I completely bawled my eyes out. It was that scene where the horse dies in the swamp... man, I don't think I cried that hard when I watched it as a kid!!
I guess we all need a good cry now and then.

That's all for now. Happy days...

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