17 February 2005

Getting Shin-y with it

Wow, I am getting tired. I wasn't at first; I was wired after a fab concert - The Shins! They rocked the King's Arms (ed: the venue). But I am winding down now... eyes sleepy...

Anyway, they played every song off both albums, and a new track which was mellow - really good. They talked to the audience, and for the first time in my concert-going-history I saw a band do shots on stage! The Shins certainly kept us all entertained in more ways than one.

Unfortunately both tonight and tomorrow's concerts are sold out or I would've gone again tomorrow! Although fortunately enough for me Sarah and I managed to have tickets for tonight's show.

It was kinda strange, but as I smiled away to the music there was this couple next to me - and it hit me: I am happy to be single. And I truly felt it - it made me smile more. Then the next second I wondered: Am I just kidding myself?! Well, for the second before that I wasn't... Maybe I am destined for a "single-serving" life - and maybe I am fine with that.

Ok, must sleep - had more to say but soon nothing is going to make any (more) sense.

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