18 February 2005

Prose... or something like it

I wrote this... and its strange really - the feelings related to it... anyway, its not all what it seems; just a way to let something out of me... I had a friend, who left, then found me again, now I am lost. It is bitter - I don't feel this way now. I guess its about getting over the loss of a friend for a second time - if that is even possible?

under a spell she was,
The Girl who thought she knew; it was a miracle to find
Him two worlds away.
but that meant everything was safe
words and more words
not even a look.
He was Her, but refreshingly new and different
He made Her laugh and love and write and whisper whisper
words that were private; thoughts reserved for her scribbling.
She didn't know that she helped make him strong,
a crutch; temporary. He walked away from her then.

It took time for Her wounds to heal
and in that time His grew raw,
He crawled back to The Girl who knew she had been treated like
a nothing; not worth the words it took to say good bye.
she let him
come back

worlds away betrayal came and it came
And the cowboy didn't stop it.
now She rides to the sunset
feeling the dying glow;
glances over her shoulder
a little less every day

(Written by Me, ... I apologise really, as I am no poet)

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