30 March 2005


I am impressed by google's ever changing icon:

Awww... pretty van-gogh-google! Or, as I like to call it: vangoogle

27 March 2005

REM rocked my world

Also rocking my world right now is rock candy - wonderful sweets that they are... unfortunately for me I am a candy muncher - I can't help but chew no matter how hard the sweets are! Result? Ouchy! Though I don't think I have chipped any teeth... yet.

Anyways, I am baaaaaccck! I had a wonderful trip down to Christchurch to see R.E.M live in concert *huge grin*. Sarah and I flew down on Thursday morning, dumped our luggage, and headed straight to the mall. Man, that sounds shallow, but our motel was opposite a mall and we had to wait for Mel's bus to arrive in Christchurch. We shopped around, grabbed some food, and headed back to our room.
Mel turned up after 4pm - we had a catch-up: she'd been down in Queenstown for a few days.
We grabbed some yummy pizza for tea, which complimented our Jacob's Creek bubbly wonderfully hehe. Then it was off to the concert! Except the first time we set off, it turns out we went completely the wrong direction! Doh!
So, half an hour and a couple of blisters later, we arrived. The opening act was Bright Eyes - Conor Oberst was fricken great! All I'd heard of him was the 20 minutes I spent listening to Mel's CD before we left for the concert. He reminded me incredibly of Ryan Adams, and that is certainly not a bad thing. I will be looking for his CDs.
R.E.M played from around 9:30 to 11:30pm, and it was magic *sigh*. Michael Stipe was just mad (in a genius way!) - he had a blue stripe painted across his face, and he danced like he was one with the music. He had me smiling nearly the whole time.
They played around 25 songs - some new ones, and some favourites (Losing my Religion, Everybody Hurts, Orange Crush, Drive...)
It was worth the airfares, and the $127 tickets. I'd do it all again in a flash.

Unfortunately the guests who had our motel room before us *kindly* left the alarm clock set for 6:30am. And it was right next to me. I had my earplugs on... In the end I ripped the clock out of the wall.. So, even though post-REM Friday started off rather horridly, it turned out to be a great day. Dad called me and pretended to be Michael Stipe, which was very cute and amusing for all who overheard the conversation.
Once we had injected V drink straight into blood-stream (caffeine was urgently required!), the three of us set off 5 minutes down that road to visit my friends Angela and Paul.
I hadn't seen either of them for a couple of years so it was great to catch-up. Mel, Sarah and I ended up spending the whole day with them - we had lunch at the Boat Shed Cafe (complete with a beautiful black and white cat that helped eat the bacon from my panini!), looked around Cathedral Square and inside the Cathedral, and the Gardens.
We had $5 Thai for dinner, played xbox games, and then watched Rove (Rove also rocks!). It was such a great day - Cheers to Angela and Paul!!

Saturday was check-out day, and more shopping. I bought waaaaay too many DVDs, and spent heaps of money on other wonderful and pretty things.
It feels damn good to be back home though - in my own room and listening to my new Pluto CD *sighs with happiness*

18 March 2005

Movie Wish List #2

When they eventually come out in NZ, I want to see:
Last Updated: 31 October 2005

Darkness (Go kiwi Anna Paquin!)
Hitch (It just looks sooo cute!)
Assault on Precinct 13 (I know it’s a remake but: Ethan Hawke and GABRIEL BRYNE!)
Cursed (Wes Craven and werewolves)
Sahara (looks big, dumb, and fun! Steve Zahn rocks)
Friday Night Lights (Billy Bob Thorton and Lucas Black… might take my brother to this one)
Sin City (yes yes YES!)

And on a less commercial note:

Seducing Doctor Lewis
The Door in the Floor

Something a little less complicated

I forgot to mention that I saw Constantine a little while back: for something a little less complicated (as far as movies out at the moment go e.g. Closer, I Heart Huckabees), try Constantine. Keanu Reeves plays demon detective John Constantine who has the ability to see half-breed angels and demons that disguise themselves as humans. He's doing God's work. But he doesn't necessarily get on with his boss.

I also had to mention that director Francis Lawrence second project (the first project is 'Awful End' which is a 'dark, gothic fairytale' based on the first in Philip Ardagh's 'Eddie Dickens Trilogy') is an adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic sci-fi novella 'I Am Legend'.
Originally published more than 50 years ago, 'I Am Legend' is the thrilling story of Richard Neville, the last surviving human on earth after a mysterious plague turns everyone else into bloodsucking vampires.The brilliant book was loosely made as 'The Last Man on Earth' in 1964 and 'The Omega Man' in 1971, while versions starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith have both stalled in the last decade, though a truly faithful adaptation of Matheson's story has yet to be made. But with Lawrence (whose stunning 'Constantine' visuals really make the movie) at the helm and a script that stays loyal to Matheson's original story, the results could be nothing short of spectacular.

15 March 2005

Long Distance

Well if this gets ugly,
I’d swear,
This ain’t our last chance,
The vultures that circle,
My head,
Are flying alongside,
The world’s turning.

I let somebody get under my skin,
Long distance losing is all that I’ve seen,
Now there’s a river,
Now there’s a river.

Nothing can save me,
My reserve betrayed me,
It calmed the hurricanes,
I’m burning to get there,
The middle of nowhere,
Storm warnings flicker while,
The world’s turning.

I let somebody get under my skin,
Long distance losing is all that I’ve seen,
Now there’s a river,
Now there’s a river.
(Turin Brakes)

14 March 2005

Sarah McLachlan concert

I'd forgotten to be excited about seeing Sarah McLachlan. Sarah (my friend) and I bought our tickets ages ago (and fabulous seats they were!). But then I've forgotten a few things lately.
For example, did you hear the one about the tired and stressed out girl who could have done with having Friday off? Yeah, well, it turns out she DID have Friday off and she completely forgot and came into work anyways . I tell you, I feel like an idiot! I had a half day instead - went home at lunchtime

Well, the concert was brilliant - again! Seeing Sarah Mc live is such a warm and emotional experience. Every song she sings comes from her soul; she becomes the lyrics. And being in the audience means you feel the pain or the love; I felt everything. The vibes off her are incredible. She is completely natural infront of her audience, and you find yourself smiling when she smiles. I think I will continue to see her whenever she comes - that kind of 'voyage' is worth every cent. Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful person.

On a strange 'think I'll just add this cos its on my mind' note: the music playing while we were waiting for her was Sigur Ros... Maybe I need to visit an existential detective to talk about my coincidences (I saw I Heart Huckabees on Thursday night - oh, but that's not the coincidence, but there were Existential Detectives in the movie!).

The right shoes CAN change your life

I can't believe this - but Judy*, a co-worker, just gave me a birthday card... 5 months early!
She saw this card and thought of me ; she couldn't wait until it was my actual birthday so she signed it and gave it to me today.

It was a cute picture of Disney's Cinderella and her Prince Charming dancing on the front and it says:

Once she was a lowly housemaid
dressed in rags.
Now she's got
a fairy godmother,
she's filthy rich,
and she lives in a palace
with her dreamboat husband.

Inside it says:
It's further proof,
my friend -
the right shoes
CAN change your life.
Happy Birthday.

(It's true... I do love my shoes!)

She's written in glitter pen:
"May all the next shoes have the right twinkle"

Fabulous! Judy was about to write: May the next shoes always have the right twinkle" but that of course implies that I am ready to be with the same someone for the rest of my life...
Right now I think I need to try on maaaaaany shoes... at the moment all that I wear seem to pinch, cause blisters, rub (the men and the shoes :P)

So, may I have many loves...

*Judy: is a wonderful, quirky, creative, and inspiring woman. I treasure a book of her poems which she gave to me - its one of only 200 she had made - and its truly beautiful.

13 March 2005

i hate

((ED note: Updated 26 March 05 - I was in a hard place when I wrote this... but I am ok now, really *smiles* The important thing to realise is that hate is an easy emotion to hold on to, even when it isn't the right emotion; its less confusing to pigeon-hole something into 'hate' than it is to deal with the true emotions... Of course this just makes it harder in the end! Obviously a part of me knew I didn't feel hate - which is really the whole point of this little 'ode'... Ah, the eternal torment of human emotions!!))

i hate.
i hate that while washing the makeup off my face at 9pm on Sunday night, my phone rang. i hate that i hadn't quite finished, and my face was dripping wet. i hate that i had to quickly dry it and run to my room.
i hate that when i answered i got crackling phone feedback. i hate that it took me a second to realise that it was a long distance phone call... and that it was from Houston, Texas.
i hate that i was so shocked i didn't know what to say; dry mouthed... word-less... stunned.
i hate that we had to have the conversation that we did. i hate that at 3am on Saturday he was thinking of me. i hate that he called because of me.
i hate that when it was over i needed to walk alone down my dark and sad street, in the rain, listening to Sigur Ros... 9:40pm on a Sunday night.
i hate the way i feel.
i hate that one moment i was half in tears, my heart screaming... Then cold as ice on the inside; unfeeling.
i hate that when i got back my phone was ringing again. i hate that it was Houston, Texas again. i hate that it was her, and that i was nice. i hate that i forgave so easily. i hate that everything was so unexpected that i didn't have time to be angry. i hate that i was friendly. i hate that now she may feel better.

And mostly i hate that no matter how hard i try to hate right now, i can't hate.

09 March 2005

The Obsession of the Obsessed

I just can't stop obsessing over a few things* at the moment. I've got to stop this. It's not healthy. I suspect the hamsters are stealing little pieces of my brain everynight, hence this madness...

* "things": generic euphemism for problems and/or experiences that I would rather remain nameless.

05 March 2005

Sin City

Was just looking around and found this movie. I've not heard of it before or seen the graphic novels, but it sounds like its going to be awesome - I mean, Robert Rodriguez directing?! And just check out some of the cast:
Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Rosario Dawson, Elijah Wood, Carla Gugino, Josh Hartnett, Michael Madsen, Jaime King, Brittany Murphy, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Nick Stahl, Jessica Alba, Michael Clarke Duncan, Rutger Hauer...
And that's not even all of'em!

"Sin City" is infested with criminals, crooked cops and sexy dames, some searching for vengeance, some for redemption and others, both. The film incorporates storylines from three of Miller's graphic novels including 'Sin City,' which launched the long-running, critically acclaimed series, as well as 'That Yellow Bastard' and 'The Big Fat Kill.' "Sin City" stars Bruce Willis as Hartigan, a cop with a bum ticker and a vow to protect stripper Nancy (Jessica Alba); Mickey Rourke as Marv, the outcast misanthrope on a mission to avenge the death of his one true love, Goldie (Jaime King), and Clive Owen as Dwight, the clandestine love of Shelley (Brittany Murphy), who spends his nights defending Gail (Rosario Dawson) and her Old Towne girls (Devon Aoki and Alexis Bledel) from Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro), a dirty cop with a penchant for violence.

Sounds like a bit'o me. No release date for NZ yet, but I've seen a poster up in a theatre lobby (one with Jessica Alba). It's listed as being in post-production, and Australia get it in May 05. For more info check out IMDB page on Sin City.

I choose to display the delectable Clive Owen's poster for my own viewing pleasure.

01 March 2005


“Closer concerns itself with the fact that, in love, we remember beginnings and endings and tend to edit out the middles. It asks interesting questions like ‘how do we really remember things and how does life really look to us?’” — Director Mike Nichols
As I said before Sarah ended up seeing 'Closer' already - it was to be just Alex and I. Well, half way through class I get a text message - and a cancellation. I was determind to see the movie, even if it was by myself! In the end I had a text message from Dione wondering if I was feeling better so I asked her :) And I am glad I did - we both enjoyed it and had a huge discussion about it afterwards. Its a fairly complex film... brilliant acting!! I will write more on it later as I am tired.
I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan, 'Afterglow'. I am off to see her in a few weeks for the second time. Her music is so beautiful...
Good Night xoxo