14 March 2005

The right shoes CAN change your life

I can't believe this - but Judy*, a co-worker, just gave me a birthday card... 5 months early!
She saw this card and thought of me ; she couldn't wait until it was my actual birthday so she signed it and gave it to me today.

It was a cute picture of Disney's Cinderella and her Prince Charming dancing on the front and it says:

Once she was a lowly housemaid
dressed in rags.
Now she's got
a fairy godmother,
she's filthy rich,
and she lives in a palace
with her dreamboat husband.

Inside it says:
It's further proof,
my friend -
the right shoes
CAN change your life.
Happy Birthday.

(It's true... I do love my shoes!)

She's written in glitter pen:
"May all the next shoes have the right twinkle"

Fabulous! Judy was about to write: May the next shoes always have the right twinkle" but that of course implies that I am ready to be with the same someone for the rest of my life...
Right now I think I need to try on maaaaaany shoes... at the moment all that I wear seem to pinch, cause blisters, rub (the men and the shoes :P)

So, may I have many loves...

*Judy: is a wonderful, quirky, creative, and inspiring woman. I treasure a book of her poems which she gave to me - its one of only 200 she had made - and its truly beautiful.

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