14 March 2005

Sarah McLachlan concert

I'd forgotten to be excited about seeing Sarah McLachlan. Sarah (my friend) and I bought our tickets ages ago (and fabulous seats they were!). But then I've forgotten a few things lately.
For example, did you hear the one about the tired and stressed out girl who could have done with having Friday off? Yeah, well, it turns out she DID have Friday off and she completely forgot and came into work anyways . I tell you, I feel like an idiot! I had a half day instead - went home at lunchtime

Well, the concert was brilliant - again! Seeing Sarah Mc live is such a warm and emotional experience. Every song she sings comes from her soul; she becomes the lyrics. And being in the audience means you feel the pain or the love; I felt everything. The vibes off her are incredible. She is completely natural infront of her audience, and you find yourself smiling when she smiles. I think I will continue to see her whenever she comes - that kind of 'voyage' is worth every cent. Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful person.

On a strange 'think I'll just add this cos its on my mind' note: the music playing while we were waiting for her was Sigur Ros... Maybe I need to visit an existential detective to talk about my coincidences (I saw I Heart Huckabees on Thursday night - oh, but that's not the coincidence, but there were Existential Detectives in the movie!).

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