18 March 2005

Something a little less complicated

I forgot to mention that I saw Constantine a little while back: for something a little less complicated (as far as movies out at the moment go e.g. Closer, I Heart Huckabees), try Constantine. Keanu Reeves plays demon detective John Constantine who has the ability to see half-breed angels and demons that disguise themselves as humans. He's doing God's work. But he doesn't necessarily get on with his boss.

I also had to mention that director Francis Lawrence second project (the first project is 'Awful End' which is a 'dark, gothic fairytale' based on the first in Philip Ardagh's 'Eddie Dickens Trilogy') is an adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic sci-fi novella 'I Am Legend'.
Originally published more than 50 years ago, 'I Am Legend' is the thrilling story of Richard Neville, the last surviving human on earth after a mysterious plague turns everyone else into bloodsucking vampires.The brilliant book was loosely made as 'The Last Man on Earth' in 1964 and 'The Omega Man' in 1971, while versions starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith have both stalled in the last decade, though a truly faithful adaptation of Matheson's story has yet to be made. But with Lawrence (whose stunning 'Constantine' visuals really make the movie) at the helm and a script that stays loyal to Matheson's original story, the results could be nothing short of spectacular.

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