02 April 2005

I'm home

I'm back from my weekend away, and I am back from dinner with my family. It almost feels strange to be lying on my bed typing this - I mean, last week I was hardly at home, then I was in Christchurch, then it was off to Whitianga, then when I finally get back, I go out for dinner.
The weekend was great though - we had glorious weather - Sarah even managed to get sunburnt. We spent Saturday walking into town and looking around, then returning to the house to read and relax. I took a few picks, but I will have to develop them before scanning them (I am not special enough to have a digital camera... oh, but I am madly grateful to Sarah for giving me her old camera!).
I managed to finish 'Second Glance' by Jodi Picoult - thoroughly enjoyed it!! She writes such great characters, and the plot twists were really cool (I saw a few of them coming, and others were a complete surprise).

Oh, I almost forgot... I was inspired by the weekend away to write a haiku *lol*:

Relaxing sun rays,
Deafening silence surrounds,
This could be perfect.

I have no idea why, but I wrote that in the car on the way back from Whitianga. I have some serious haiku practising to do! I think its my first one since primary school though.
One thing we did notice about our mini-break was how quiet everything was - on that beautiful Saturday afternoon the 3 of us were scattered about the house reading: Sarah was in a hammock, I was curled on a bed/couch with huge pillows, and Cath was on a lounger... and the CD stopped playing. It was like the incredible lack of noise was deafening. I live in the city - and I mean in it - and I am used to endless sirens, cars, horns, music etc.. Even the suburbs have noise. It was almost like I had been playing CD after CD to create some noise - any noise - so I wasn't unsettled by the silence! It was just so peaceful...

Anyways, it was a great weekend - and its back to work tomorrow waaaaah! I just hope that nothing too bad happened on Friday while I was away - I hate starting Monday on drama. I need to eaaaase into the week!

Ok, I think I have bored myself enough with this post - I need some sleep before my eyeballs explode.
And as I don't have any holiday pics to post yet, enjoy this pic from one of my fav movies ever:

Such a dreamer... but then so am I. And speaking of dreams... *yawns* that's what I should be doing right about now.

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