30 May 2005


Firstly, Melissa starts talking about chai lattes, when Richard had been talking to me about them yestersay... Noone has ever previously discussed this beverage with me before then! What's with that?
Then, on the way back from seeing a movie I see a parked car with the number plate: Fo shizzle yo nizzle... Did ya happen to see my previous post??! Weird!Last, but not least, we are almost back at the car - we start to talk about how there was supposed to be thunder storms all today. Sure, it was cold, and there was some heavy rain... I open my mouth to say we are lucky that neither of us got caught in a heavy shower on the way to work when, low and behold, the heavens open up and dump on us!! There wasn't even a spit to warn us - it just poured for about 2 minutes!! Talk about wiggy happenings!

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