28 September 2005

Long time

Been a while, I know! And it looks like its been a little while for Google too - 7 years young!

I had the apartment to myself last weekend, which was lovely! I cooked a gourmet dinner for my parents on Saturday night (Chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes and capers, topped with a creamy mushroom and sundried tomato sauce, with courgettes and fresh beans on the side with a garlic aioli). The problem is now they know I can do more than stir and heat... they may expect that kind of food again!

22 September 2005

Desperate Hotel

I'm stunned...
I just finished watching 'Hotel Rwanda'. I cried, and cried, and cried some more. And its all true - 1 million people killed. Genocide. I can't understand... I can't fathom how people can do such things to other people. The hate... hot poison spreading so fast. 10 years ago - July 1994 - I was turning 15, with all that brings to a teenage girl. I wasn't thinking about the Hutus or Tutsis and the situation in Rwanda. Now I can't stop thinking about it all. The worst thing on my mind 2 hours ago was having to be at an international teleconference at 8am tomorrow with my divisional manager... now that seems like a gift. God I am shallow.

I shan't end on that note though. I got a wonderful card in the post from Nilly today. I don't realise who is reading my blog sometimes... and she had been much to my surprise actually (ed: Hi Nilly if you are reading this hehe). It was so sweet of her to think of me - and Ifeel a little sheepish if I've made people worry about me... but at the same time its nice to know yall care hehe