31 October 2005

Movie Wish List #5

Currently: There are currently a heap of great movie coming out for the summer here. Not sure if I will see all of them at the movies, but there are some definite goers in this list.

Last Days
In her Shoes
Corpse Bride
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Transporter 2
Must Love Dogs
The Constant Gardener
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
King Kong
Chicken Little

28 October 2005

American Gothic

On the "YAY!" side of things, 'American Gothic - Complete Series DVD' is on its way to me, thanks to Amazon. I loved that show when it was on tele, except the network here fucked up by playing some episodes out of order. I'm looking forward to rewatching the whole thing.

09 October 2005

Highlander in 30 seconds...

... re-enacted by bunnies!

I hadn't visited the Angry Alien website for a while, and what a hoot! Now enjoy Highlander and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bless their little bunny hearts.

06 October 2005

Actually, "UnleaSHed"

Well, I thought it was funny. I make slight spelling errors like anyone else:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, 6 October 2005 5:19 pm
To: Richard
Subject: 'Unleased' started TODAY at theatres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From : Richard
Sent : Thursday, 6 October 2005 5:22:04 p.m.
Subject : RE: 'Unleased' started TODAY at theatres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I do want to see that one, I believe its about a property deal that doesn't go all the way through and the lease is removed.

However I really want to see "Unleashed"

Ok, I am sad, but my brother's reply made me laugh *smiles*