26 December 2005

Deck the Halls

But first, a little holiday spirit thanks to Google:

Xmas, 2005... What a lovely Xmas it was!
I spent mine at my family's home, with my Mum, Dad, and brothers, Richard and David. After opening our presents, the 5 of us had a champagne breakfast - the first one in what I hope will become a tradition every Xmas morning. I was given many wonderful things from friends and family, from DVDs, earrings, necklaces, desk calendars, a book (Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro, which I loved!), PJs, vouchers, the new Ryan Adams CD... and so much more!
We served a late lunch to 5 others who joined us - 10 turned out to be about the perfect number! It was such a relaxed Xmas - normally everything is full of stress and panic; trying to get food ready etc. But this year it was easy and enjoyable. I ate a delicious lunch on the deck, under a sun umbrella :)
I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family over the next few days, as I have friends visiting from Christchurch, and Alex back from the UK. Also, I'm looking forward to NOT working over Xmas/New Years. 2 weeks holiday for me! YAY :)

09 December 2005


My brother, Richard, has just forwarded me a couple of photos of Molly (black) and Beatrice (tabby), Mum's new cats.