16 January 2006

Travel Plans

Just call me crazy or whatever, because I have made The Decision...
Just to backtrack a second, I've had a lot on my mind about what 2006 will bring, or more what I could make happen in 2006.

So, The Decision entails this:

+ I am travelling to London for ONE MONTH; June - July 2006.
+ I am moving back HOME in a few weeks until my trip.
+ I will have to take some leave without pay.
+ When I return in early July I will be starting at least ONE new Masters paper.

By August I will hopefully be back on my feet and will have found a NEW place to live, either by myself or with others (I can't really plan this far ahead, cos who knows what will happen!).
Anyways, that is the general idea.

So far I have looked at airfares, tours in and around London, as well as a few over to Paris etc...

Excited much??!!

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