18 April 2006

Over Easter

Easter has come and gone for another year. The long weekend was bliss! I spent it doing pretty much nothing. I watched a hell of a lot of TV, as I had Sky digital at my disposal - the highlight would be 'The Straight Story', which was showing on Rialto movie channel. The lowlight... well, that would be me sitting in front of back-to-back-to-back episodes of 'The Gastineau Girls' on E!. God, if they're pathetic, what does that make me (sitting there watching them)??!!!

It turns out I am family-less until this Friday! No-one actually told me that... I was under the impression they'd be back today... Also, there is so no catfood left! Typical *sigh*. Get this: I'm going to be a single twenty-something gal, walking from the bus, in the rain (its real gloomy and wet here today), juggling my huge work tote, an umbrella, and a bag full of catfood... I can just see me the same scenario in another twenty-something years - the cat lady!!

06 April 2006

03 April 2006

Ninja Biscuits

...Or so says the calendar for April ("Ninji Biscuits: Unfortunately some crumbs have fallen reminding them of their frailty in the face of time", by Edward Monkton). It's incredible to think that I leave for my 5 weeks holiday in 8 weeks!! Insanity!!
I had a fabulously huge talk with Sarah in the weekend re: Holiday - now we are not only going to see Death Cab For Cutie, but also Massive Attack!!! *Does the Dance of Joy*. Sarah, you rule!!
And I arrived at work today to find some confirmation emails waiting for me - one for my San Francisco accommodation, and the other for a 9 hour tour I am doing around Carmel/Monterey in an SUV! Excitment galore :)
I'm also slowly thinking out Italy, and it seems Sarah and I will be doing that via train. It's getting to the point when I can hardly stop thinking about being overseas on holiday, which makes getting any work done very hard!