18 May 2006

16 days to go...

My holiday is getting closer and closer! I can hardly believe it... I must go buy a suitcase!

Today I had my haircut - nothing major or different, just tidier and a little shorter.

I have a job interview tomorrow at 1pm *yikes* I'm not too nervous presently, but as the interview time draws nearer I am sure I'll start to freak! Still, its all about opportunitites - I'm not turning this one away until they interview me and say: "sorry you aren't right for the job"! Nothing to lose and all that jazz...

As for last Friday - there were card-games and drunk people and fights and hugs and kisses and other stuff. But I am still completely at a loss on where I stand with M. Since Friday, I've had dinner with Melissa, lunch with Evette, and splitted most of my guts to Veronica at work. But weirdly enough, the thing that has had the most impact on me is part of my horoscope today! I read them for fun sometimes, but this part just takes the cake:

"...You may be somewhat overwhelmed by a lack of clarity about a friend or lover, but don't succumb to the temptation to grasp at just anything for stability. Find your security from within before asking anything of others."

It's not often a random piece of advice attributed to my star sign is sooooo spot on!! It's darn uncanny to tell the truth. Any-who, I'm not some sudden convert to the whole 'don't-do-anything-without-consulting-the-psychic', its just that this rang true with me - plus it was so random - I wasn't even trying to read my star sign - it just happened to be on my goggle homepage...

I saw Mission Impossible III last night - what a hoot! It was a lot of fun; really entertaining, and it was just what I needed after a stressful day at work. I have to say it was just a tad bit on the soppy side in some parts, but the action made up for it.

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