24 August 2006

Pete wins BB 7 UK!

Ok, so I hate reality TV. I admit to getting addicted to the first 'Temptation Island', but I can't stand 'Survivor' etc... However, when I was staying with my friends in the UK 'Big Brother 7' was on, and EVERYONE seemed to watch it... so I did too. And... yip, got addicted. It was the people and well... Pete! Putting someone with Tourette's Syndrome on the show was an ingenious move. Yeah, that sounds harsh etc, but its true - he was brilliant to watch!! He was a funny guy regardless of all the "wankers" he threw in. I know he was the favourite to win, but I am still uber happy he did!! You never know how these shows will turn out, especially with all the twists and turns in this series - everything from the house next door, Susie and her winning golden ticket, Aislyene coming back into the BB house, and Nikki getting voted back IN to the house...

I headed back home July, but have used this website every so-often to keep track of the wackiness: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/

Anyways, snaps to Pete, who is now 100,000 pounds richer and a whole-heap-of-famous!

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