29 September 2006

It started with a sneeze

Ok, I've been slack again about posting - but I do have sickness as an excuse. Last week I was completely wiped out; a whole week off work with what the doctor said was a "virus" i.e. the doctor can't actually do anything to make things better... and the bill is just as expensive! I am feeling much better now though - not 100%, but pretty much recovered. It was a strange feeling; coming out of the fever I felt such... gratitude!! Suddenly I was myself again, not some feverish ranting insane person! I was nowhere near death's door (as far as I know??!), but it was a wake-up call; another "sign" in my life - you know, time for changes etc etc... I even wrote to my friend in the UK - I hadn't contacted her for months and was feeling terrible about it, but I was also so unsure after how things seemed to be left between us (when I flew home). I mailed that off on Monday. Now I just have to wait
for a response. I sure do miss her.

Other than being sick, I've been up to a few other things since I last posted:

  • I resigned!!! What a feeling that was! My last day is Tuesday 10 October, and I start my new job Monday 16 October
  • Managed to watch up to Season 4 of Northern Exposure on DVD
  • Borrowed and watched Season 1 of Deadwood - waaaaay different to what I thought it was going to be, but I believe I'll continue watching
  • Rented and watched: Inside Man, Derailed, Ultraviolet, Bloodryne and Slither.
  • Finished putting all my UK and Italy photos into lovely albums
  • Attended my youngest brother's 21st - his actually b'day was in July, but my rented a club and organised it all for September. It went REALLY
  • Had my hair done - a few highlights for the impending summer. I like the results a lot!

And you know? That is pretty much it! I've managed to catch up with friends too - I'm off to my first BBQ of the season at a friend's house tonight too. I just can't wait until I have found a new place to live - one that isn't a million miles from all my friends (and I don't drive!).