21 March 2007

Blast from the past

Well, its been one of those weeks - the past just comes blasting. In a good way.

Tuesday evening after work I met up with Jo for Japanese. I am 6 months older than Jo and have known her since then - our Mums are great friends (since teenagers), and our families hung out together all the time. At some point "growing up" happened, along with her parents getting divorced... and we didn't see each other so much.
It's strange but she always lived on the Shore and I always lived East. Yet the distance as kids didn't stop us writing letters and staying over every school holiday. I guess once we got over camping, sticker collecting, New Kids on the Block etc, the distance made a difference - we had new friends and growing up had taken us in different directions.
We've seen each other sporadically since 14/15 years old - a wedding, a funeral... And when we do talk we fall back into reasonably easy conversation - its not awkward.
Ok, enough with the back story. Since her Mum had a brain tumour Jo has been back in the country more (she was based in Australia and travelling a bit), and she has settled into a new job in Newmarket. She contacted me and voila, Japanese for dinner.
It was great to see her - we had some great laughs and some awesome food. I think we'll try and hand out some more (I don't think I freaked her out completely).

Yesterday I had lunch with 2 of my old work friends, Wendy and Jean. I took the Link to them and we had Thai at our regular haunt. And OMG the gossip - so much of it!! I was agog at most of it; they had to convince me some of it was true hehe. I sure miss those guys, though I know I did the right thing taking my new job ("new" being around 5 months old now).
Coincidently I also got an email from my old manager there asking me to come and train my replacement (being paid for the favour too of course). It's going to happen on a Saturday - a bit of a bummer but there isn't much choice. I am glad they finally replaced me as I was feeling sorry for my ex-coworkers being without a database person. Still, they took their time; I hope I remember stuff in order to train the new guy!

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