14 March 2007

The gentle ROAR of the wind

Have I mentioned how unpleasant it is to be on the 27th floor of a tall skinny building, when its really REALLY windy?! I feel decidedly queasy, slightly dizzy, and pretty much ready to curl into a little ball under my desk!

After hot, stuffy, sticky & humid weather today is chilly, windy, wet & grey. It's all rather depressing really. I suppose this means that the colder weather is on the way...

It also means that my choice of wearing a skirt and sandals sucks - cold legs and feet :(

Anyway, its Wednesday - this week is already half over. And so is March, which is almost unbelievable!

Work is CRAZY. Being the manager of a database is proving to be hard work - sometimes made harder by complete and utter fuckwits who can't do their job properly!
On the work plate so far:
+ Work my way through an excel spreadsheet that will end by being a mailing list. It contains around 4,000 names/addresses, and many of them aren't formatted correctly. And that means I have to look at the spreadsheet, then look at the database, then check the address on the Internet etc, update the database, then output the spreadsheet all over again... Of course while I am correctly addresses and postcodes I am finding all sorts of other shit to fix. The conclusion? I am going ever so slightly more insane.
+ Organising training sessions for another office for next week - some of the staff (I'm not sure who exactly) had the nerve to tell my boss that the database wasn't working as a tool for them!!??!! Only yesterday I spent an hour and a half with one of their staff training them. I answer emails, correct their fuck-ups, and the lazy bastards have the nerve to say it isn't working for them. Bull shit! I've emailed the 2 I suspect as the complainants and have asked for examples of this so-called-failure. I can't wait to see what they send me!
+ I have 2 students CVs to go through - I am supposed to phone them and "quiz" them about being my little database helper (i.e. I will hand them the fucking 4,000 contact spreadsheet and make THEM fix it all!!)
+ Get costings on a CRM database that my boss is interested in using.... Ok, what the fuck?! He wants me to investigate this second option for marketing reasons. The thing is, our current db is supposed to be where ALL data goes, and I *know* there are teams out there maintaining their own lists too. So, what the hell, lets throw in a whole new db and try and keep everything up-to-date. I can see that happening... NOT !

Ok, I've run out of steam - rest assured my list as a whole lot longer... *sigh*

(Building... rocking... side... to... side... *gulp*)

It's not all bad though - I did get to the movies on Monday: an advanced and FREE screening (for me anyway) of 'Ghost Rider'. Oh, wait, I said it wasn't all bad didn't I?!
Ghost Rider is cheddar; its brie... It was so cheesy!! I mean, I had a good laugh - it was completely mindless. There are some fun effects and stunts etc... Nicholas Cage looks incredible i.e. he seems to be getting younger and fitter as he gets older! Honestly, it was scary how much work he must have had done - and the lack of fat on his body - abs so defined I was sure they were fake until he breathed hehe.
It was also cool to see Wes Bentley back in a movie (can't remember seeing him in anything "big" since 'American Beauty').
It's not a bad film... but its not good either. Still, I got to chuckle, see a free film, and eat complimentary snacks (Snifters and coke).

Last night I watched 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' on DVD. Yikes. Some creepy stuff there. One thing that does wig me out is exorcism/devil type stuff. When I saw 'The Exorcist' for the first time (granted, I was a young teenager, and babysitting alone in a house) I could hardly sleep!

Also on DVD I am utterly enjoying TV shows that I never watched on TV - this way I get to see the episodes back to back, with no ads! I'm currently watching 'Entourage' (just finished season 2), 'Grey's Anatomy' (season 3), and I just finished watching the complete seasons of the hilarious and brilliant 'Spaced' (Simon Pegg is a brilliant!).

Ok, this is where I would normally say I must get back to work, but just to be original: Ok, I must get out of this building before I puke. Hopefully, this will be the only time in my life I type that...

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