02 May 2007

i heart google

It's been a strange love affair - my slight obsession with google. Well, things just got serious. Honestly, google has just blown my mind!

Those of you with google accounts may know that you can personalise your google page - you log in and can have your google home page completely pimped out!
Google have now gone a little "mac" and renamed this page igoogle. People that know me (lucky people that you are) will know that addition to my many charms, I am a little against ipods. But this post isn't a diatribe about that (readers digest version: ipods had the best marketing team ever - the product is inferior to many other mp3 players out there, but grabbed approx 80% of the market).

This post is an ode to igoogle, because this morning, not only did igoogle display all the wonderful personalised features that I have set (my page shows me my gmail inbox, the weather/time/date in Auckland, headlines from e! ((very important stuff... all that breaking Britney news :P)), other world headlines, my horoscope, all my bookmarks... it goes on), it have me the option to give my page a THEME.
A theme? you ask. Yes, a theme. There appears to be a limited selection to start with, but knowing google the sky is the limit. I settled on "city scape", but I tried them all... My excitement lead me to save images and post them here... Oh, my life must be a sad on. The other option was to do work... so, I saved images


Seasons (I mean, come on - its a frog and a beetle doing karate?! Awesome skills!)



If I've not convinced you to create your own igoogle then there is no hope for you...

Before I end this sad sad little post, let me just say - when I saved the city scape theme, a box appeared and told me to choose my city (the default was Wellington) because, GET THIS, because the city scape would change depending on sunset and rise!!!!?! Is that not just the coolest?! Couldn't you just die??!! Yes, well... I may just have to save those images too...

Welcome to my world. It can be scary place.

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