23 May 2007

Killing Words

I just watched a superb Spanish DVD called 'Killing Words' ('Palabras Encadenadas')- I was engrossed; all the twists and turns, and such intensity! It has a gruesome plot, but its more the themes and the *potential* of what could happen to the kidnapped girl as she sits tied to a chair and watches a video of what appears to be a serial killer, who plans to kill her next (long sentence!).
As the story unfolds, we learn who the girl is and who her captor is... add in a couple of detectives and the film is compelling!
If you like a smart psychological thriller (and this is no 'Saw' or 'Hostel' - there is implied gore, but thank fuck we don't have to see it... FYI: on that note, I read this fantastic article in a movie mag about movies like Saw; they named the genre torture porn... I must see if I can find it online), you will love this film.

Killing Words (IMDB)

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