04 May 2007

May the fourth by with you!

I apologise for the title. It's terrible I know. Something compelled me to go ahead and type it though. Apparently its the 30th anniversary of that particular phrase. Stupid and worthless trivia - now you can just forget I ever told you.

So, its Friday. Yay. The working week is almost over. I've had a busy week. A few things to mention, mainly to enable me to rave about them:

1. Evacuations. Obviously these are important and life-saving. And there do need to be drills. But I am going to complain anyway. Very inconveniently our alarm went off Tuesday morning when one has just settled in; docked your laptop and logged in, with much work to complete before an out of office training session. It doesn't help that we are situated on the 27th floor. Don't even ask me how many flights of stairs that equates to! Ok, so at least I was going down them, not up them, but still - I was pissed off!
Also, if there had been a real fire I probably would have either been trampled to death in the stairwell, or suffocated by smoke while stuck in the stairwell.

2. Busstops. I take no issue with busstops themselves. I take issue with trying to find a busstop (getting sweaty and ick in the process), locating it... only for it to be a sign that says: This busstop has temporarily moved all the fuck way back were you were sucker, so you had better run or you'll miss the bus. I did locate the new temp busstop and I did catch the bus I needed to, but I wasn't a happy camper.

3. "Urgent" jobs that actually aren't urgent. For example, I spent a lot of time working on something "urgent" for someone on 23rd April. That someone called me yesterday (3rd May) and said: "I've just looked at that work you did for me..." ((!#$%^&*(^$@)) "... and it needs to be different..." (this is why I email and confirm what people want before I spent my time doing the wrong thing!) "... and I need the changes now..." (its 4:55pm and I am training my student on his first day at work). I said I was busy etc... I actually had other work that was deemed urgent that I hadn't had time to get to. If this person had used their brain properly before confirming what they wanted (which is exactly what I provided them), and looked at the work on 23rd.... grrrr
As it is, I tried to re-do the work - it was rushed and not as good. I emailed it off before 5:30pm and I've not received ANY response back!!

4. When the Starmart across the road changes where they stock their Pascall Clinkers (yes, they brought back those yummy sweets from years ago). Ok, I just wanted to add that because it caused undue concern to those who love and wanted Clinkers (me). And I mean, they hadn't run out at least.

On a more positive non-rant side:

+ Dione's graduation dinner was lovely. I was so honoured to be invited as I was the only non-family member there. I was 40 minutes late (I was at work until 7pm), but it was a more casual dinner at a fab pizza place in Parnell, and I wasn't the last to arrive so hurrah! I'm so proud of D :)

+ My Mum & Dad celebrated 32 years of marriage - yay for them!

+ I watched the second season of "Deadwood" - it's really quite a strain to not walk around saying "cock-sucker", and "c*nt" every second word afterwards. Honestly, the language is a shocker... but you get dulled to it after watching hours and hours. It's only when someone who doesn't watch the show walks in the room, hears the TV, and reacts, that I remember.

Well, that's all for now. There is work to be done, and i'm going to try and look like I am doing it

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