05 June 2007

Astedwae ittlae ejaysdae

OMG! What a night! It's been a long weekend here - I didn't go away or actually do much at all. I spent mine mostly feeling crap, curled up on the sofa watching DVDs or in bed asleep. At least I didn't miss much - the sun showed itself now and then, but mostly there was rain and cold.
After *almost* not going, I was out the door and on my way to see The View by 8pm last night (which, was just a few hours ago... I soooo should be asleep but I'm too buzzed!). Jo & I wandered down to The Kings Arms (conveniently close to my house) in time to see all support acts. This included: a pretty good band I've never heard of and who weren't on the bill... International something-or-rather... honestly, I can't remember, but they were fun, The Sneaks, and some guy reading poetry to a saxophone... at one point he had a KFC container on his head like a hat... all very amusing and utterly random.
The View didn't appear until around 10:30pm I guess, and by that stage the place was getting packed - lots of pushing and squeezing. And when they started, they ROCKED!!! Yes, The View were on fire. They opened with Comin' Down - the crowd was jumping... and not always in a good way (I think I'm getting too old for gigs like this!).
An awesome time was had - they sounded fantastic live, and despite some audience problems (I was almost squashed in a fight between 2 large and sweaty guys, a small drunk guy decided to enjoy the concert by facing me and rubbing himself against me while brandishing a beer bottle that we were sure was going to hit someone on the head, and the general drunken post-teens trying to crowd surf etc... all and all a normal time I am sure!!) I couldn't stop smiling. I know they are young - they look even younger - but they can play and the voice on Kyle is darn-tootin! The only way is up, up, UP.
Go The View, and welcome me back to the small-gig world. I'll have a few bruises tomorrow to be sure, but as wise sage once said: I'll take a bruise for the music.
Ok, I'm losing my post-concert energy (my ears are still buzzing though) so time to turn out the lights.
And Alex, darling, thank you for the album!!

Read an article on The View by the NZ Herald Herald here (and they are totally right - it was impossible to understand anything they said when they talked between songs!).

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