05 June 2007

Freaky Carnies

I am always one to enjoy the supernatural - a little fight between good and evil... Throw in carnivale freaks and how could HBO go wrong??! Well, I don't think you can, but unfortunately HBO did, and Carnivale was cancelled after 2 seasons, though the creator had mapped out an additional 4 seasons.

I don't watch TV - maybe a little music TV and the odd show if I can be bothered, but I do enjoy renting shows (Entourage, Deadwood, Kingdom Hospital...).

Over the long weekend we rented the first season of Carnivale - 12 episodes. I love it! Two separate plots slowly converging, freaky carnies (complete with the bearded lady, reptile man, and comatose psychic tarot card reader), an avatar for good and one for evil, mysterious pasts...
Ok, its subject matter can be rather disturbing - as can be some of the scenes themselves, but I am hooked regardless.
And if none of that sells you, then how about Nick Stahl and Clancy Brown - one is good and one is evil; both are great actors (I'll never forget Clancy Brown as The Kurgan in the Highlander movie).

I tell ya where would I be (or TV be) without shows like: Twin Peaks, American Gothic, Buffy, Angel, Highlander: the series, Wonderfalls, Eerie Indiana, Wolf Lake, The Kindred, Roar & Point Pleasant.
I tried watching the show actually called 'Supernatural' on TV the other night and it just didn't engage me *shrugs*.

Then there's the quirky fantastic: Picket Fences, Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, Spaced, & Northern Exposure. I've also caught a few episodes of Veronica Mars (a favourite of Joss Whedon, who actually had a small role in an episode I watched) & Joan of Arcadia - both shows were very good, which surprised me as I didn't think I'd like them!

Other supernatural or quirky-sounding shows that I've not seen but am keeping my eye out for: Dexter, The Dresden Files, Eureka, Lost Room, Profit, Miracles, Surface, Dead Like Me, & The Book of Daniel.

This weekend I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching the second season of Carnivale, though I have read that, due to its cancellation, not all the sub-plots are resolved (which is annoying!). I also have the first disc of Neverwhere, a BBC mini-series which I have read the book of (and loved!).

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