09 July 2007

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Concerts - I've not been to any lately, but I was absolutely stunned to see that Ryan Adams was coming... and I'm still stunned even though I've got tickets!! Completely excited. Can't wait!

As far as DVD watching goes, we've slashed our way through 3 seasons of The Sopranos. We're just waiting for a slacker to return Season 4 to the video shop, which is now more than a week overdue!
We've also just finished the first season of 'Dead Like Me' - really liked it.
Sitting at home waiting is 'Wonderfalls, 'Twin Peaks' season 2, part 1 (YAY!!) and season 2 of 'Dead Like Me'. We've also started watching 'Point Pleasant'... That's a lot of DVD hours!

Today was a great Monday... I was off work :) For the first time I am in a job that *gives* you your birthday off. Except I chose to not have my birthday off, but rather have a long weekend.
I visited the family homestead last night and stayed over, so that I could have an early birthday lunch with my mum & dad today (its the school holidays so all good boys and girls... and teachers have 2 weeks break). Our lunch was delicious - just at the local, 'Basalt'. Dad left mum and I to do a spot of shopping, where mum bought me 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. It might seem like a strange gift for a 28 year-old, but it was my favourite picture book as a child so it seemed fitting! All very nostalgic.

Tomorrow a get a year older. And I go to work. It's my first birthday at this job... it'll feel very different not spending it with my old co-workers (morning teas, presents, lunch!).

Another year...

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