19 October 2007

Eastern Promises

On Wednesday night I went to a free-sneak-preview of the film 'Eastern Promises' (Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel). Like 'History of Violence' (the other David Cronenburg & Viggo film) this has great actors, great characters... and bursts of extreme realistic violence. It also is so subtle where you expect overt action/romance etc, and MORE where you would rather LESS (I would have rather missed the blood-oozing-throat-sawing - this was no throat slit, trust me! My vote is still out on Viggo's naked knife fight...).
And, again like 'HoV' this film ends with a new beginning...
Viggo was awesome. Naomi was fine (her character didn't really have to do much, but speak in an English accent. So, it wasn't a stretch for her, especially when you think of her in '21 Grams').

Another movie tonight - its taken a while but I am finally going to see 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. First, there will be at least one glass of wine (its been a long week!) and a meal at my FAV 'Tanuki's Cave'.

This week I've watched a couple of DVDs too - 'The Reaping' (Hillary Swank) and 'Everything is Illuminated'. I adored the latter - such an underated film!! It's a real gem - very subtle/understated, laugh-out-loud-funny, tears-in-your-eyes-sad... also, adapted for the screen and directed by Naomi's current other half, actor Liev Schreiber. One of those films that makes you go: why didn't I see this years ago?!