26 November 2007

Collection of random

This is a collection of random things I've been saving to my desktop in order to share...

09 November 2007

Kiwiana Deathproof

What a fuckin hoot! Deathproof rocked!!

I tell ya, it is cheese-on-toast, yet fantastic. I laughed sooooo hard!! I loved the homage Quentin gave Kill Bill (including the pussywagon, the cellphone ring, Jasper...)

And the EXTREME homage he gave to Zoe Heller, our kiwi stunt woman extraordinaire - *That* was almost unbelieveable. I've never seen so much "kiwi-isms" in an American movie! I know as a New Zealander I appreciated it (right down to the "NZ vs Australia!!), but will other countries get it?? Who cares!!