31 December 2007

2007 Finale

The last post for the last day of the year. It always seems quite insane when New Years comes around - another year over!

So, good-bye 2007.

This year was my first full year at my new job. I got a pay-rise (yay!) and a desk move (away from the top executive table... which is actually a good thing!!). Also, much travel - mainly local (I can only vaguly remember how many times but, CHCH x2, WNG x2, Napier x1, Whangarei x1, Hamilton x1, Tauranga x1), and Sydney.

My first year with a corporate company has had some other perks - awesome new blackberry phone (all calls, text etc have been free so far...), lunches, a spa treatment (my first ever pedicure was HEAVEN), parties, 3 day conference (my first ever ride in a Helicopter!), & much MUCH free booze :)

This year I moved again. Jan/Feb will mark one year in our lovely unit. I am hoping our agreement can be renewed(with no rent increases!!). I'm happy here and don't want to move.

Phoebe joined us. She is still as precious as ever... in fact she is MORE precious than ever.

My good friend Evette found herself "The One", moved into a wonderful hideaway on the Shore, & is now more than 7 months pregnant. 2007 brought with it my first attendance at a Baby Shower.

My good friend Dione got engaged - YAY (finally!!). I tried to find words to describe how happy I was/am for her. When that failed I just had a good cry with her :)

2007 brought with it 2 old new friends - to be back hanging out with Becs & Jo is great!

Friends in the UK have been keeping me jealous with their fantastic trips away - Egypt, Paris, Croatia... All have had their ups & downs in different ways - its been hard not to be close to them in their times of need.

I finally watched 'For Your Consideration' on DVD - it was pretty crap. What has happened to the genius of Christopher Guest?!

That's all I really want to say about 2007. I've missed a lot obviously (my brain is a sieve). I've been crap at posting here - that probably won't change in 2008.