29 March 2008

It's me

Hello. Thought I'd actually write something. I'm sitting with Dione (in my old flat) - I'm helping her put together music for her engagement party next week. Not too stressful - I made some mixed CDs for her the other weekend already.

What a week - short, thought it didn't feel that way. Easter, previous weekend, was awesome - spent Saturday at the inaugural Blues/Roots festival in Whitianga. It was a long day - up before 6am, home after 3am Sunday - but it was great! The music was incredible: Wilco rocked my world!!

Easter Sunday & Monday were spent in a general state of zombification. I also found that I got sunburnt at the music fest; stupid patches of sunburn where the lotion had missed. I have a ridiculous watch mark because a small area on my wrist got so red. Also, to the side of ONE ankle - red as a lobster. And down the side of my face - INSIDE my ear!! This sexy sunburn is now peeling. Yum.

As for the short week - whatever! I've been working on so much stuff and Friday was spent in Tauranga. It's exhausting. I end up coming home and crashing out. We've been re-watching 'Six Feet Under', which is great - we're almost finished season one. I've also been renting 'The Tudors' and enjoying that. OMG - Sarah, it has Henry Cavill in it!!! He looks more divine then ever (from 'I Capture the Castle'). Its depressing that he is so much younger than us, although he has some hot and heavy scenes with Gabrielle Anwar who is older again (not that I am saying there is a chance or anything hehe).

Also, I bow down to the creators of 'My So-Called-Life' for releasing the DVD box set even better than ever. My copy arrived at work from Amazon the other day and just made me smile! When I opened it people around me shrugged - they'd never heard of it!! Blasphemy!! I'm impressed with the wee book it comes with - complete with an essay by Joss Whedon! YAY! Re-re-re-watching the show is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to, like, revisit all the, like, memories (I remember how often Angela uses "like"). Also, there is a bonus disc of random interviews etc!

10 March 2008

Meet Jackson

I finally got to meet little Jackson yesterday. He is just beautiful. Evette is the first of my friends to have a baby.

08 March 2008

I'm f*cking Matt Damon

"Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time" - apparently, Jimmy Kimmel ends many of his shows with this running gag (Never seen the show myself - don't think The Jimmy Kimmel Show has ever played here). Matt Damon got his revenge by teaming by with Kimmel's girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman. If you've not seen the gags, get on You Tube and watch - check out the first link, then Jimmy's "reply" with the second link. Laugh out loud hilarious!

I'm f*cking Matt Damon


I'm f*cking Ben Affleck

07 March 2008

One piece of paper...

... and hours of fun apparently! The only stipulation was only one sheet of paper could be used:

06 March 2008


05 March 2008

Right person for the job

I'm slowly going insane as I try to employ 2 new people for 2 different teams... And I liked this picture so I thought I'd post.