22 July 2008

Quick Update

I’m currently at work, sitting in front of my computer, waiting for 15,592 records to load. This is taking some time and my laptop is looking like its on the verge of giving up. Outside is miserable; it’s a real winter day. I did something I’ve not done before – I nipped to an 11am festival film. I’ve taken long lunches before, so that wasn’t much of a stretch. But I wasn’t missed and work certainly won’t be short-changed.

It was my 4th film of the festival: Sukiyaki Western Django, Be Kind Rewind, Up the Yangtze, and this morning was The Savages. I still have: Gomorrah, and Let the Right One In. Like every film festival, I had initially bookmarked more than 50 films (seriously). I have a system: it starts with a few flicks through the book, then a thorough reading, then reading + post it notes (last year I had a 2 colour system, with musts and maybes). Next comes the painful cull when I have to exclude most and choose as little as possible (this year its 6 films, though I am seeing a 7th title that is offered at the festival on DVD, which is cheating a bit!).

Usually I exclude films that I am pretty sure will get another release (at the Rialto etc), but this year I seemed to choose “safer” – Be Kind Rewind and The Savages are sure to get another release.

Ok, now my file has loaded – work calls (or screams in this case), so I must go.

01 July 2008

NZFF 2008

Every year I wish I could see more, but here are my choices for this year's NZFF!

40th Auckland International Film Festival

12 Jul: Sukiyaki Western Django
16 Jul: Be Kind Rewind
19 Jul: Up The Yangtze
23 Jul: Let the Right One in
?? Jul: Gomarrah
?? Jul: The Savages