22 November 2008

Never miss a beat

What a failed to mention on Friday (I was preoccupied with a certain teen vampire movie after all) was that I had a wonderful dinner at on the Shore with family. There were some hiccups though...

1. Rich was to pick me up from work so we could go straight there (traffic is shite). That morning I had given him $40 to pick up a couple of things from the supermarket and get some gas- he had all day you see. I'm all packed and ready by 5pm, so I head to our work bar and have a glass of wine with co-workers. I get a text saying to head out. I grab all my stuff - I had done some Xmas shopping on my lunch break. I find first I have to walk way up Wyndham as he has somehow ended up there (so now I am hot and panting and my hands are falling off thanks to the heavy plastic bags I am carrying). But, NO WORRIES! I quickly get back in a good mood - I plug in my player and pick out some sweet tunes, while reading to Rich from December's Empire magazine.

2. Unfortunately traffic is crawling. He ends up in the wrong lane and we go around the block. Its ok, I'm chilling. I've touched up my make-up and I'm feeling good.

3. Fanshawe Street, approximately 6pm: we are at the head of the second lane downtown. The car splutters. It stops. He looks at me and says... OUT OF GAS. (How can that be when I paid for us not to be I am wondering?!) My mood isn't so good now. I'll go out on a limb and throw out: livid, fuming, and pissed.

4. There goes the cool demeanor and reapplied makeup as I sweat it out walking to the nearest BP. Rich catches up to me (Someone helped him push the car around the corner). At BP I find you can't borrow a can for the gas. You have to buy a bloody huge plastic vat for $30, plus $10 gas. Which I pay for.

5. OK, we make it to the car. And DRIVE back to the BP to fill-up some more. Back into the traffic, which is moving fine. We fly over the bridge and make it to dinner after 6:30pm (there goes the promise of "We'll be there around 5:30").

6. Conversation is going ok until politics come up. Then its Mum and me against Uncle Gary and Dad. I get called a sock and sandal wearer who supports elitist lesbians!! I don't by the way: I support Labour and the a society that looks after itself, not a party that will run this country like a ruthless corporation. Sick of the subject and of being wound up I joined Caitlin for some existential viewing in the lunch (The Nanny Diaries). I left the adults on the parting dig that I was going to de-program my cousin.

Its ok though, because by the end of the evening most of us were down a few glasses of wine (Me, I was down 2 margaritas and 2 glasses of wine...). The conversation turned to other more pleasant things and to dessert, which was strawberries and icecream.
By the time I got home, showered, and booked by preview movie tickets, I was ready for Friday to be over!!

I'm happy to report that Saturday was far less strenuous. I watched a few DVDs, read some magazines. Oh, and flicked through the new Audrey Hepburn book I bought myself as a treat during Xmas shopping on Friday (I got it at 50% off; its by her son and is filled with photos and a timeline of her life). My dinner plans fell through, but no matter as one lively, alcohol fuelled dinner in a weekend is probably all I can handle!

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