14 October 2008

Percussive Qualities of Human Bone

Franz Ferdinand embraces percussive qualities of human bone
10:23AM Monday Oct 13, 2008

Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand were looking for unusual ways of creating sound on their forthcoming third album and decided to work with a human skeleton they had bought in an auction.

Frontman Alex Kapranos explained to MTV: "I remember we were working on a song called Kiss Me and we wanted to have a real dry, percussive sound in the chorus.
"We had this skeleton in a box that just ended up sitting in the corner of the studio, and we all sort of looked at it, and decided to experiment with it."

Each band member chose a different part of the body to play on the record.

Alex added: "Nick, our guitarist, had the hands and was clapping the bones together. Paul, the drummer, was working with the pelvis bone and a femur. We put the teeth in a glass jar and rattled that about. We smacked the ribs together and we got this really weird, f***ed-up kind of a sound that was wicked. I can't think of any records with human bones on it."

The album, provisionally titled Tonight, is set for release next year.

Article at the NZ Herald

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