08 October 2008

Snakecharming the Masses

Can I just say: WOW. There, I said it. I've bought 3 CDs in the last 2 weeks (and the new Kings of Leon before that) and they are all Wow-inducing.

*The Stills: Oceans will Rise. Long-time fan, and this album blows my mind. Snakecharming the Masses, Being Here, and Everything I Build are my fav tracks so far.

*TV On The Radio: Dear Science. A wonder. They had me at track one.

*Cut Off Your Hands: You & I. I've been listening to this kiwi band for a while now on bfm and routinely checked JB Hifi for signs of an album. Success! Released on Monday, this album is great! I'm a bit puzzled over a couple of "jesus" songs, but other than that, solid!

Moving on from the music (oh, but how can I?! So much new GOOD stuff out there. I almost have another mixed CD ready for the select few wink wink)... This week has been slow, probably because last week I was only at work for 3 days (took some leave). Wednesday is over (*phew*) but what a day! I looked at Excel almost non-stop. One exercise took me over 3 hours, and involved merging client xmas lists from last year, with a column for every list and a tick in the column where appropriate. Lordy!
There are dramas at work, though not really involving me. One team at work is totally dysfunctional and is about to be "restructured" (not sure if that means redundancies etc). One of the team members dropped me home today and I invited her in - we ended up having a goss session (i.e. she told me all about the dramas and one secret resignation I am not supposed to know about. My lips are sealed.)
Meanwhile my role seems to be more than solid. Since I've been here (2 years this month?!) I've had 2 part-time students under me. That has ended, but I now have 2 full-time staff that report to me in some way, with a third due to start soon! Its crazy! These staff work on the database, but for specific teams. What that means for me is: I don't have to do the grunt work for that team, plus I get to allocate them work... Its pretty sweet. It is also a clear indication that the importance of the database has been recognised.
I had my quarterly review yesterday. All went really well. I achieved most my KPIs, and those that weren't achieved have been pushed out, with my boss acknowledging how busy I've been, and that certain things are out of my hands.
It comes at a good time, because we need a new washing machine and possibly a TV... I really need a new laptop (maybe "want" is the right word, but this one is soooo old and clunky. I swear its going to die again - it couldn't handle XP SP3 and died, but I had it resurrected for $99).

Anyway, its getting late. I have Mum and Dad coming to dinner tomorrow night, which will be nice. Rich is going to cook a curry. I don't think I have to do anything, except play hostess.

PS: Here is a lame pic that cracked me up:

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