26 October 2008

Time for a Break

I am delighted to be on a break - not just a long weekend (Monday being a public holiday) as I have the rest of next week off too. That's 9 days in a row off work! Bliss!

I actually have heaps I want to do though - none of it strenuous, but I do want to get a lot done. There will be time for relaxing (some of the things on my list are simply: finish a pile of library books, and DVDs). I also hope to get some Xmas shopping done! I have scheduled in a hair cut (just a tidy really), lunch with old workmates, catch-up with Evette and Jackson... I'm sure the time will fly by!

Nothing much new to report. I've put the finishing touches on a new mixed-tape (CD), and managed to fuck up the times for a movie (we raced to the cinema, seriously pushing time, rushed in and asked for a ticket to the 10:05 session... only to be told it was actually a 10:05PM session listed, not AM. Totally my moronic bad... we saw 'Pineapple Express' instead of the intended 'The Orphanage'. God, it was hilarious!! We were the only two people in the whole cinema so we just laughed loud and long!!).

And just incase you thought I was over igoogle (Madness Hamsters!!!!!)

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