20 November 2008

How did November get here??

This year is almost over, which is crazy!

Not a huge amount to report, except:

*Concerts: Kings of Leon are coming BACK (January, I have tickets). RYAN ADAMS & THE CARDINALS are coming BACK (February, I WILL have tickets, oh yes I will). Metronomy are playing at the Kings Arm's (thinking of going).

*Work: super busy. Trying to get on top of things ready for the new year.

*Christchurch: I decided to visit A&P in CHCH over the first weekend in December. I am looking forward to hanging with them :)

*Laptop: I finally got a new laptop! I love it. Its another HP (its an entertainment model with lots of fancy things I haven't worked out yet. I did teach it to listen to me and I can control it by talking! Crazy shit!).

I am totally distracted right now (watching 'Breaking Bad'. I love 'Weeds', and 'Breaking Bad' is like 'Weeds' on Meth!!).

I'll right something more cohesive later.

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