29 December 2008

Admin/Exec Xmas Lunch

A little late in posting, but a couple of Fridays ago the admin/exec team celebrated Xmas at Mecca restaurant in Devonport. We had a fab time - caught the ferry around 12pm, and didn't head back into town until 5pm (where drinking continued for a long while... there was much singing... loud singing).
Below is a snap of some of the girls.

Xmas Party 2008

It was a back-to-basics Xmas party this year; no costumes, no themes, no long speeches. On a roof top bar, with a live band we had the best Xmas party yet!

PS: I couldn't believe it when in a window across from the bar, girls from a different party decided to put on a show for us all!!

27 December 2008

My Precious

Just because I can (as a single 20-something-female who loves her cat), here is my precious, Phoebe.

18 December 2008

Why doesn't money grow on trees?!

I'm already booked into concerts for: NIN, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Big Day Out...

Of Montreal in NZ - Wednesday 25th February, Kings Arms, Auckland - ($45)
For eleven years, Kevin Barnes and the gifted musicians that comprise Of Montreal have been building an appreciative audience, raised to fever pitch by the band’s highly theatrical live performances. The band was formed in Athens,Georgia in 1997 as part of the second wave of bands from the Elephant 6 Collective that had given us Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples in Stereo. Supposedly, the name Of Montreal was inspired by a woman from that city who Kevin Barnes once dated, but that story can change. What we do know about Of Montreal is that especially since the release of Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer, the giddy pop of their younger days has been combined with some of the most relentlessly attractive melodies and heartfelt lyrics in all of popular music, ever.

Traces of glam pop, synthpop, vaudeville, krautrock, reggae and afrobeat have gone into the mix, and the brew was brought to the boil in October this year, with the release of Skeletal Lamping. This album was released in the States in ten different formats, including conventional CD and vinyl, as well as t-shirts, tote bags and a paper lantern, with some variations including a digital download code for the album itself. Within weeks, Skeletal Lamping reached number one on emusic’s Most Downloaded Albums Chart.

Metronomy and The Teenagers - Fri, 09 January 09, Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland ($42)
Sure, the NZ Summer brings us many great shows, but not all of them have to be outside in the presence of thousands of others. And not every summer double-header involves two scoops of ice cream and a cone: the unmissable double-header of Summer 2009 in Auckland and Wellington is set to be a pairing of two acts escaping the Euro winter – Metronomy and The Teenagers, playing at Bodega and the Kings Arms, indoors and at night . . .

Joseph Mount writes and records music using the name Metronomy. Oscar Cash, Gabriel Stebbing and Joseph Mount perform that music live, and still call themselves Metronomy. Together, they will kick off 2009 in New Zealand with the biggest bang possible. The new Metronomy album Nights Out – modestly described by Mount as "a half-arsed concept album about going out and having a crap time", and by others as “a wonky love-child of Giorgio Moroder, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and Unfinished Sympathy . . . ” – has already received the type of across-the-boards acclaim from all the places that matter, with tunes like ‘My Heart Rate Rapid’ and ‘Holiday’ radio hits across the b-net airwaves.

Metronomy has been responsible for some very fine remixes of songs by Lykke Li, Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand, Kate Nash, and Gorillaz; and is also an in-demand producer, lately producing the new Roots Manuva single ‘Let The Spirit’ from Slime and Reason, and the debut single from up-and-comer thecocknbullkid, released on Metronomy’s own Need Now Future label. However, with the steadily-increasing success of Nights Out and the building momentum of live shows worldwide, it is likely that 2009 will bring Metronomy mega-attention and success not involving anybody else’s music: the band recently completed a headlining British tour, and sent shockwaves through the festival circuit with their “light show worn on their clothing” (yes, that’s correct).

The other half of the bill, French trio The Teenagers, was described by ‘proper newspaper’ The Guardian as “non-teenage males who revel in gratuitous swearing and lust after anything in a skirt, and have based a whole debut album on it”. While this may well be the case, The Teenagers have perhaps thrilled more listeners than they’ve ever annoyed. Reality Check, the aforementioned debut, along with the single ‘Starlett Johannson’, is a satirical, Gallic-accented minor-masterpiece immersed in pop culture, adolescent smut, and the-night-before-the-morning-after; all set to highly-infectious tunes ranging in style from sweet electro-pop to Gainsbourg-ian grandeur, with a gust of pheromones and with a warm purr of guitars.

The Teenagers -- Quinten Dalafon, Dorian Dumont, and Michael Szpinner -- have ignited the imaginations of clued-up music lovers across the globe with a curve ball of pervy wit, classic synth-work, and sunshine strumming: and what other kind of summer romance are you expecting for 2009.

16 December 2008

More Twilight

I absolutely agree with this funny slide show on Twilight - check it out, its worth it:


Christchurch Montage

I promised some pics from my weekend in CHCH. I had a great time - hanging with A&P, checking out Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, shopping etc.

15 December 2008

You start to worry when...

... they are playing "Pin the Fangs on Edward" and "How Many Jelly Beans are in the Coffin?" in the cinema lobby.
... there are groups of hysterical tweens in matching a) official Twilight tee shirts, b) self-printed, coordinated tee shirts, each girl with a different character on the front and a character quote on the back, or c) either a or b PLUS added graffiti (thanks to friends with pens); popular graffiti on tees include "I heart Edward" or "Edward and Bella 4eva" etc etc
... you haven't even got in the cinema yet - you're in the ladies room - and there are shrill, giggling girls drawing phrases on each others faces with eye-pencil (see above for popular phrases a la tee shirt graffiti) or vampire fangs etc etc
... you get in the theatre and there are free Girlfriend magazines on every seat (the feeling is perhaps, at 29, you are not quite the target market... hmmm... I wonder, because if that's not worrying enough, there is more...)
... the movie starts to roll and girls around you start screaming (there is blood dripping from your ears). The screaming comes and goes, e.g. Robert Pattinson's name appears in the start credits = SCREAMING; Robert Pattinson appears on the screen for the first time = SCREAMING etc etc.

Have I painted a sufficient picture to my Twilight preview screening experience on Saturday night??! But what did I think of the movie itself you are wondering (or not *shrugs*):

-Visually beautiful. I loved the location for Forkes - suitably rainy, with a great colour palette.
-Robert Pattinson (SCREAM!) was better looking on screen than I thought he would be. All the pics I had seen had left me thinking: what is all the fuss about. Well, I think he was a very gorgeous Edward in the end.
-Kristen Stewart was great as Bella, but then I have seen her in a few things and knew her to be a talented young actress.
-Together the two leads did well. I laughed out loud in a few places where the lingering teenage staring between Bella and Edward was ridiculous. Also, not much with the subtly - nuances would've been nice, not flat-out-in-your-face panting over each other!
-There are numerous moments of pure cheese-on-toast, and things that might not have meant to be funny (Eric's hair (Justin Chon) was crazy bad!! Jasper's acting/facial expressions were funny-bad; how did that guy get cast?! I won't go on).
-Charlie, Billy Burke playing Bella's Dad, was fantastic. Spot on.
-Book to film translation = pretty darn good. I know sometimes things have to be changed and scenes cut for a book to work on screen, and maybe I read Twilight long enough ago to forget intricate details, but this seemed super-true to the novel.
-As a movie? It was entertaining (I'd like to see it without screaming teenagers though) and enjoyable. It wasn't ground-breaking or anything new (cinematically or story-wise - having read the book, we all know what's coming). I liked it! I liked it enough to want to see it again (as above, minus screaming girls - maybe later on, after its been out a while and on a Sunday morning when the cinema is empty. Actually, we had at least 10 minutes where the picture on the screen split - the bottom part of the screen was on top, and the vice versa. It kinda sucked and was super-distracting!)
-I think at this stage I'm at the 3 out of 5 stars point. Maybe 3.5.

Despite all the hoopla, Becs and I had a fun night :)

09 December 2008

08 December 2008

December Already

Yikes, Xmas is 17 days away. I've pretty much done all my pressie shopping, which feels good. It would feel better if I had finished completely AND had posted gifts to the UK (UK-gift-receivers, my apologies - your presents may not arrive on time).

Update time. Not a huge amount to report:
*Long Weekend: I had a fab time in Christchurch over the weekend. I've got some pics I can post (I will in a new post).
*Work: It was a quiet Monday today. The directors and most the top execs are away until Wednesday (A very good thing indeed; the office feels like a different place without management).

So Hot Right Now:
*I am loving 'Veronica Mars'. Rich and I powered through season 1 and all its awesomeness. Thanks to Angela and Paul I have season 2 and 3. We watched the first episode of season 2 - brilliant! If Joss Whedon had decided to do a teenage detective show I am sure it would be just like VM.
*Cadbury Magic Elves and Gems; chocolate with popping candy is fuckin primo!
*'Twilight'. I'm pretty psyched about seeing it this Saturday.
*Re-watching 'X-files'. We're on season 7 now and its cool bananas.

Concerts on the way: NIN, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Kings of Leon. Also Big Day Out, which I will no doubt go to. Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne: Franz Ferdinand, Santogold, The Kooks and more... doubt I will get to go to that :(