08 December 2008

December Already

Yikes, Xmas is 17 days away. I've pretty much done all my pressie shopping, which feels good. It would feel better if I had finished completely AND had posted gifts to the UK (UK-gift-receivers, my apologies - your presents may not arrive on time).

Update time. Not a huge amount to report:
*Long Weekend: I had a fab time in Christchurch over the weekend. I've got some pics I can post (I will in a new post).
*Work: It was a quiet Monday today. The directors and most the top execs are away until Wednesday (A very good thing indeed; the office feels like a different place without management).

So Hot Right Now:
*I am loving 'Veronica Mars'. Rich and I powered through season 1 and all its awesomeness. Thanks to Angela and Paul I have season 2 and 3. We watched the first episode of season 2 - brilliant! If Joss Whedon had decided to do a teenage detective show I am sure it would be just like VM.
*Cadbury Magic Elves and Gems; chocolate with popping candy is fuckin primo!
*'Twilight'. I'm pretty psyched about seeing it this Saturday.
*Re-watching 'X-files'. We're on season 7 now and its cool bananas.

Concerts on the way: NIN, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Kings of Leon. Also Big Day Out, which I will no doubt go to. Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne: Franz Ferdinand, Santogold, The Kooks and more... doubt I will get to go to that :(

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