15 December 2008

You start to worry when...

... they are playing "Pin the Fangs on Edward" and "How Many Jelly Beans are in the Coffin?" in the cinema lobby.
... there are groups of hysterical tweens in matching a) official Twilight tee shirts, b) self-printed, coordinated tee shirts, each girl with a different character on the front and a character quote on the back, or c) either a or b PLUS added graffiti (thanks to friends with pens); popular graffiti on tees include "I heart Edward" or "Edward and Bella 4eva" etc etc
... you haven't even got in the cinema yet - you're in the ladies room - and there are shrill, giggling girls drawing phrases on each others faces with eye-pencil (see above for popular phrases a la tee shirt graffiti) or vampire fangs etc etc
... you get in the theatre and there are free Girlfriend magazines on every seat (the feeling is perhaps, at 29, you are not quite the target market... hmmm... I wonder, because if that's not worrying enough, there is more...)
... the movie starts to roll and girls around you start screaming (there is blood dripping from your ears). The screaming comes and goes, e.g. Robert Pattinson's name appears in the start credits = SCREAMING; Robert Pattinson appears on the screen for the first time = SCREAMING etc etc.

Have I painted a sufficient picture to my Twilight preview screening experience on Saturday night??! But what did I think of the movie itself you are wondering (or not *shrugs*):

-Visually beautiful. I loved the location for Forkes - suitably rainy, with a great colour palette.
-Robert Pattinson (SCREAM!) was better looking on screen than I thought he would be. All the pics I had seen had left me thinking: what is all the fuss about. Well, I think he was a very gorgeous Edward in the end.
-Kristen Stewart was great as Bella, but then I have seen her in a few things and knew her to be a talented young actress.
-Together the two leads did well. I laughed out loud in a few places where the lingering teenage staring between Bella and Edward was ridiculous. Also, not much with the subtly - nuances would've been nice, not flat-out-in-your-face panting over each other!
-There are numerous moments of pure cheese-on-toast, and things that might not have meant to be funny (Eric's hair (Justin Chon) was crazy bad!! Jasper's acting/facial expressions were funny-bad; how did that guy get cast?! I won't go on).
-Charlie, Billy Burke playing Bella's Dad, was fantastic. Spot on.
-Book to film translation = pretty darn good. I know sometimes things have to be changed and scenes cut for a book to work on screen, and maybe I read Twilight long enough ago to forget intricate details, but this seemed super-true to the novel.
-As a movie? It was entertaining (I'd like to see it without screaming teenagers though) and enjoyable. It wasn't ground-breaking or anything new (cinematically or story-wise - having read the book, we all know what's coming). I liked it! I liked it enough to want to see it again (as above, minus screaming girls - maybe later on, after its been out a while and on a Sunday morning when the cinema is empty. Actually, we had at least 10 minutes where the picture on the screen split - the bottom part of the screen was on top, and the vice versa. It kinda sucked and was super-distracting!)
-I think at this stage I'm at the 3 out of 5 stars point. Maybe 3.5.

Despite all the hoopla, Becs and I had a fun night :)

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