07 February 2009


Surprisingly, the animated film Coraline is getting some of the best reviews of the young year. "Is it premature to assign it classic status?" asks Carrie Rickey in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Tom Maurstad in the Dallas Morning News write that "sweet and creepy blend beautifully" in the film. "Coraline," he adds, "is the best kind of children's entertainment -- smartly told and deeply felt." Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune calls it "an adventurous movie with brains, personality, a look and a knack for inducing shivers." Peter Howell in the Toronto Star says that it "leaps off the screen, whether you see it in 3-D or not." And his fellow Torontonian, Jennie Punter, writes in the Globe and Mail that Coraline is "quite possibly the best 3-D movie ever made."

I finished reading the Neil Gaiman book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it (its a shame it only takes a couple of hours to read, being a "kids" book - there are some surprisingly scary parts, esp for kids!). After seeing the preview I am really looking forward to watching the film - plus, awesome reviews so far! (voices by Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher).

Read the book and see the movie folks!

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