24 February 2009

The Hammer is my Penis

Ahh... Dr Horrible (Joss is a genius, but we knew that already). Inspired by other people's glee at watching Dr Horrible's Sing-along blog for the first time, I watched it again on the weekend - hilarious (this post title is one of the best lines).

A quick round up: [NIN concert was incredible. We all had an awesome time; 'Hurt' took my breath away] [Weekend BBQ at Mel's parent's house- a bit of a catch-up for her visit home. Evette came with adorable 13 month old Jackson, and her pregnant self! Yes, number 2 is on the way, due September. She was also sporting her self-designed engagement ring, which is contemporary and completely 'Evette'!] [Dinner with the fam, and a showing of a 20 minute Spanish film directed and written by a Spanish guy staying with Mum & Dad. It was good - very thought-provoking] [Wine and nibbles at Mezze with Mel last night. 2 hours seemed to fly by. I had a lovely time and it made me realise what I've been missing. Come home for good soon Mel!!] [Movies tonight with Becs & Jo: 'He's Just Not That Into You'. I still remember giving the book as a joke to friends... I don't think I ever read it. Still, the cast looked good (for the movie). I didn't have high hopes. I was pleasantly surprised: it was cute and made me laugh. It was predictable and a total chick-flick, but I liked it. Probably not one that will stick in my mind however]

Phew! This Friday is my work's awards dinner. I have the dress, jewellery, shoes... need a bag. Getting my make-up done. Friend from work arranging my hair. Will be an interesting night I think (ed: practiced walking in my shoes last night. Ouch. 20 minutes and ouch, and most of that I was just standing... I think we'll be sitting most the time though. Please let us be sitting most the time).

On the note of 'work', had another go at emailing my boss into sending me on a trip to Canada. Not holding my breath, but I haven't given up yet (ed: D reminded me - I was talking to her a month or so ago about going to Canada for work as we were driving on the motorway... and a car with the number plate 'canada' went past. No shit. How's that for a sign?!).

  • Twitter, yes I have started to twitter. As far as social networking goes, I hate facebook, but I like having 140 characters on Twitter to say what I feel like saying. Each letter has to count. Plus no crazy applications or people I knew when I was 5 tracking me down! I've added an auto-twitter update to the sidebar (see, look, just to the right at the top there). Oh, IT have already blocked access to twitter at my work.
  • White Lies: 3 piece band from London. Sounding pretty darn cool; somewhere between The Killers and The Editors- I call this my happy place. Check out the track 'To Lose My Life' or 'Death' or 'Unfinished Business'... pretty much loving every track I get!
  • Oh Oh! How could I forget this. In our vending machine at work - new flavour of chips. Words almost escape me... I haven't tried them, but... 'Meat Pie and Tomato Sauce' flavour potato chips!!! Oh Bluebird, what have you done?! The catch phrase on the packet was something about being uniquely kiwi... I should reserve all opinion until a taste test.
  • I saw a white picket fence today. On one post was a red ribbon neatly tied. Then about 20 posts later there was another one... and around the corner, another (it was a big fence - at the Uni). It made me wonder who tied the ribbons? And why? It was random and cool.
  • Did I mention my desk got moved at work? I am now next to a different girl, at a different table. It's weird and not as fun as my old seat. Have the fun police cracked down on me??

Over and out. I'm a tired little teddy bear.

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