03 February 2009

More Catch-up

A shorter catch-up than the last post I promise :)

Auckland Anniversary Weekend
(23rd Jan) I had a wonderful long weekend at Waipu Cove (I was so taken with the beach and the weather that I sent some of you an email from my Crackberry. I’m such a geek! It’s not exactly like getting a postcard from Malta, but the thought was there).

We stayed at a house that was unfortunately *right next to* the owners!! We still managed to have a great time: BBQs, vodka jelly, singing, trivial pursuit pop culture edition, cheesy games (including that one where you start a story, fold over the top and pass it to the next person. Hilarity ensued!), lounging on the beach etc.

It was great to be out of Auckland after being back at work for 2 weeks (such a jarring experience after the xmas/new years break).

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