06 February 2009

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals 4 Feb 2009

01. I See Monsters (Love is Hell)
02. Two (Easy Tiger)
03. Everybody Knows (Easy Tiger)
04. Let it Ride (Cold Roses)
05. Fix it (Cardinology)
06. Come Pick Me Up (Heartbreaker)
07. *Grand Island (?) (Neal Casal on lead vocal)
08. Beautiful Sorta (Cold Roses)
09. When the Stars Go Blue (Gold)
10. Oh Sweet Carolina (Heartbreaker)
11. *Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal on lead vocal, off his album All Directons)
12. Rescue Blues (Gold)
13. Oh My God, Whatever etc (Easy Tiger)
14. Wonderwall (Love is Hell)
15. Born into the Light (Cardinology)
16. Mockingbirdsing (Cold Roses)
17. Evergreen (Cardinology)
18. Goodnight Rose (Easy Tiger)
19. Easy Plateau (Cold Roses)
20. Bartering Line (Heartbreaker)

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