16 April 2009

An Actual Post

Don't faint, it's an actual post. This may be a little disjointed, but I'm going to give it my best shot (my brain is completely fried at the moment).

-The Engagment happened around the end of 2007, and as of Easter Sunday (April 12th), D & L had their Wedding (the Marriage was Jan 2009). I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time: wear the dress (tasteful), the shoes (purple... a little crippling), and walk down the aisle (I was petrified.. strange people staring at me, video cameras, normal cameras... when did walking suddenly get so hard?! Nightmare stuff).
Everything went really well; it was a beautiful day. Sure there were glitches, but nothing major, and D kept her cool really well!

-My flatmate brother is back at uni fulltime with aspirations of becoming a doctor! He's working super hard too.

-Mum and Dad have sold the family homestead after more than 25 years. They move in a couple of weeks to another house, still in the same suburb. It will be very strange to NOT see our house again. But, the new house is lovely. I am so happy for Mum.

-Youngest brother lost a cat, and got a dog. The new puppy, 10 week old "Charlie", is absolutely gorgeous. He's a lab/collie/huntsman mix or whatever.

-I'm off to Wellington tomorrow for work (for the day), and Christchurch next Thurs-Sun (for work and play)

-I got my hair done last week (ready for the wedding). I said the words: darker for winter... and I'm blonder than last time! Still, looks ok.

-Lots of new music to rock out to. I'm enjoying new albums by: The Decemberists, Gomez, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beirut, Phoenix, U2 (average to be honest).

-Right now (as I write this line) I am in Wellington for work. It's not until I went to buy my lunch that I realised the person I lent my eftpos card to last night didn't give it back to me!! I'm soooo hungry :( Anyway, the 2 training sessions I did this morning went really well. Everyone was successfully impressed by the database. I've just got to last until I get home at 8pm...

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