26 March 2009

Kings of Leon

Poxy camera-phone montage from Kings of Leon concert.

I'm doing my best to stay positive - the KOL concert was fabulous, awesome, super!! However, what I didn't know, was that The Stills, another of my FAV bands, was the support act. I missed them completely. I didn't even find out until this morning. I am so angry with myself it's not funny. Woe is me. How, HOW did I let this happen?!

To make it even worse I actually spent about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon trying to find out who the support band was! I usually don't even care. Then, get this, I actually talked about The Stills while STANDING AT KOL!!! Unbeknowst to me they had just played and were in the same building as me!!! Fuck a duck.

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