08 March 2009

Mistress of the house returns

Firstly, Phoebe came home on the 5th day of her disappearance. We have no idea where she's been! Strangely, Leigh from work said to me: "don't worry, she'll be back on Sunday". Richard has 2 theories (and non of them include witches or bunnies): 1/ the flyers we posted encouraged someone to realise she was being missed, or 2/ Leigh took her - how else would she know Phoebe would be back Sunday!

I don't really have a theory. I still think she could've been locked somewhere by mistake, or she wandered off and couldn't get back the way she came, so she got a wee bit lost.

Regardless of where she's been or what she's been doing, I am so relieved and happy to have her back! I know some people don't understand the pet/animal thing (apparently if you give a pet a 'person' type name you see them as more of a person than a pet), but I seriously love her and shed tears over her. Of course she doesn't seem to be that phased at all - a little skittish maybe, but same-old.

With that said, I went to La Clique last night with a friend and her friends. What an absolute blast! It was seriously the best $57 I've spent in AGES!! From the trapeze act (80s hair-band costumes, chorographed to 'Welcome to the Jungle' by G'n'R), to Meow Meow (singer), to the comedian/magician... it was all sooo much fun. I'm not sure how to feel about the woman wearing nothing but some strings of pearls, dramatically lip-syncing to 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' - it made me laugh anyway! And, let's not forget the grande finale (it's not over until the hot boy swims), Bath Boy... gorgeous!
The setting was perfect too - in the world famous Spiegeltent. It's a show I would go to again if they came back.

Today the sun is blazing, my cat is home, and I am going to work on my CV (honestly, not sure what I am doing, but working on the CV is a start). Also have some other writing to do, books to read, DVDs to watch. Like all other weekends I know I'm going to run out of time. At least I finished my overdue book (my fines are horrid again - probably around $16 all up. Yikes).

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