27 April 2009


I still remember having to do a school project on an inventor. I was 10 or 11. Most the class did Alexander Graham Bell (telephone). I was stuck – I didn’t know who to study... So, I did Louis Braille. The reason I am bringing this up as part way through writing this I remembered that it was in fact Louis Braille I studied not Samuel Morse (whoops!), BUT then I remembered that Louis Braille based Braille on Morse code! (which is obviously why I remembered the school project!). Anyway, it was really interesting learning about the invention of Braille, and the teacher appreciated someone picking a different inventor. My project got pinned to the Work of the Week board. Oh what an accomplishment! As an added sidebar, I ended up working with Braille books after Uni.

Sooo... google is back on form with its Morse Google logo. Have I mentioned lately what a cheap thrill I get out of google?! Hence the spiel above.

Last week was busy, but pretty darn good, thanks to the weekend. I spent two days at our CHCH office. This went well – it’s always draining doing two days of training back to back... it’s exhausting just doing one! Still, I got through it, made it to Friday afternoon and a well deserved few alcoholic drinks with friends! It was awesome to catch-up with A&P again, unfortunately the weekend went too fast.

Last week also marked the Big Move: my parents moving for the first time in 26 odd years. Their new house is fantastic; I felt the good vibes straight away. It’s going to be a wonderful new Home. This weekend I’m going to stay in my Mum, while Dad is gallivanting around England (he’s got two weeks, paid for by work, along with another teacher to check of Cambridge Uni and learn about a potential new subject/Cambridge exam).

So, still not much downtime after The Wedding to re-group!

Anyway, back to work I go (we just had a fire drill... walking down stairs from Level 27 is not fun).

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