31 May 2009


Yay for google using a Joss Whedon quote on their 'Quotes of the Day' igoogle page! (Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog)

30 May 2009

Movie Wish List #10

In no order of preference:
Last updated: 29 May 2010 (Completed!)

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [ imdb ]
Director: Shawn Levy; Stars: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Amy Adams
The Plot: Security guard Larry Daley (Stiller) infiltrates the Smithsonian Institute in order to rescue Jedediah (Wilson) and Octavius (Coogan), who have been shipped to the museum by mistake. The sequel is meant to be better than the first, with heaps of comedy cameos!

Up [ imdb ]
Director: Pete Docter Bob Peterson; Stars: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger
The Plot: By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn't alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip. The latest film from Pixar

Land of the Lost [ imdb ]
Director: Brad Silberling; Stars: Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel
The Plot: On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant (Friel) and a redneck survivalist (McBride).

The Hangover [ imdb ]
Director: Todd Phillips; Stars: Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Heather Gratham
The Plot: In Las Vegas, three groomsmen lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, forcing them to retrace their steps in order to find him before the church bells ring.

Moon [ imdb ]
Director: Duncan Jones; Stars: Sam Rockwell
The Plot: Astronaut Sam Bell (Rockwell) has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.

Dead Snow [ imdb ]
Director: Tommy Wirkola; Stars: Jeppe Laursen, Charlotte Frogner, Jenny Skavlan
The Plot: A wintry vacation turns horrific for a group of young people when they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies. LOL! Sounds hilariously good.

Public Enemies [ imdb ]
Director: Michael Mann; Stars: Christian Bale, Johnny Depp
The Plot: FBI agent Melvin Purvis (Bale) sets his sights on American gangster John Dillinger (Depp) and others in an attempt to curb a rampant Chicago crime spree during the 1930s.

BrĂ¼no [ imdb ]
Director: Larry Charles; Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen
The Plot: Flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter Bruno (Cohen) travels the world in search of the latest style trends. I thought Borat was a little overrated... surely this can't beat Zoolander?

(500) Days of Summer [ imdb ]
Director: Marc Webb; Stars: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The Plot: Greeting-card writer Tom (Gordon-Leavitt), falls for his new colleague, Summer (Deschanel), on her first day of work. What comes next is a look at the subsequent year-and-a-half period the two lovers spend together.

Funny People [ imdb ]
Director: Judd Apatow; Stars: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana
The Plot: When seasoned comedian George Simmons (Sandler) learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship inspires him to take a relatively green performer (Rogen) under his wing as his opening act.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [ imdb ]
Director: Stephen Sommers; Stars: Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans
The Plot: An elite military unit comprised of operatives known as the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity look to dismantle Cobra, an organization headed by a Scottish arms dealer.

Ponyo [ imdb ]
Director: Hayao Miyazaki; Stars: Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Liam Neeson
The Plot: An animated adventure centered on a 5-year-old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who longs to become human.

Inglourious Basterds [ imdb ]
Director: Quentin Tarantino; Stars: Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth (Full Cast)
The Plot: An American-led killing squad known as "The Basterds" terrorize the Nazis in German-occupied France during World War II.

In my research...

... about a possible Buffy movie, I got a little side-tracked. I did however find out this:

In an explosive Q&A conducted over e-mail, Whedon weighed in for the first time about the sure-to-be-hellacious Buffy reboot. What follows is a complete transcript of that interview...

What do you think about this Buffy movie they're making without you?
JOSS WHEDON: I hope it's cool.

Alright, so maybe I over-hyped our exchange a little bit.
(Full article here)

Still, saying "I hope it's cool" doesn't exactly confirm... or DENY anything. Hmmm.

Then, I found a rumour control post from April 09 at SciFi.com: "Not gonna happen [a Buffy movie]," Whedon told reporters in Hollywood on Wednesday. "Not gonna happen. Until I gather the press and make a public announcement myself that it's going to happen, never believe anything."

And now for the side-traction. Or maybe I segued, as this is on a Joss note:

1. Joss is working on a horror movie called 'Cabin in the Woods' (due 2010). It's going to put an unusal twist on the usual "cabin in the woods" horror movie scenario. Looks like a few familiar faces from Whedonverse will pop-up too.

2. Now that 'Terminator: Sarah Conor Chronicles' has been cancelled, Joss was asked whether he'd be asking Summer Glau to join the 'Dollhouse' cast. Response:

"If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn't occurred to me already then they have not met me," he says. "I mentioned it to her before [SCC] was canceled. I was like, 'You know, we should get you in the 'house.' But first we have to come up with something that works." And casting her as a doll would not work, insists Whedon. "Summer would be perfect to play an active, but she's done that [type of role] a lot," he says. "I'd rather see her play someone who talks too much. The most fun I have is when I get somebody who's good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else. Summer said to me, 'I would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age.' "

I know I'd like to see some more 'Firefly' castmates join Alan Tudyk!

3. Amy Acker in a pilot for a new TV show called 'Happy Town'... and it looks like ABC have picked this up! However, Joss has said he is reluctant to cast a new doctor for the Dollhouse - and that not every character is in every episode anyway.
Acker has always been quoted as a guest star anyway... hopefully we won't lose her from the show though, as her character is getting interesting.

((Old news, but obviously we are all doing the Dance of Joy as 'Dollhouse' has indeed been renewed for a second season. Yay!))

All of that eventually led me to this: 'Eastwick'. Seriously, it's a remake of the movie 'The Witches of Eastwick' (I do like this film; picked it up for $10 on DVD), but as a TV show. Really?? I guess I'll have to see the pilot before making any judgement. On the plus side I do like occult-type TV shows, so at least it has the whole dark/magic-thing working for it.

And, dude, a remake of 'V' (1984ish). There were movies and a mini-series. Now there is ABC's 'V: The Series' (2009). Starring many-a-familiar face (including Alan Tudyk!). From the preview I watched, it looks like it's trying to fill the void left by the latest 'Battlestar Galactica'.

28 May 2009

Buffy reboot?

So says flicks.co.nz (possibly.. well, yes, they say it, but whether this would actually happen is only a possibility...). It would be interesting to see what they want to do with the franchise, considering it sounds like the film might not include any of the original characters... Can you have a Buffy movie without Buffy?!

I think I need to do some more research on this!

24 May 2009

Vanilla Ice

I find this amusing...

Implausible claims made by Vanilla Ice in his 1990 No. 1 Hit "Ice Ice Baby"

"Ice is back with my brand-new invention."
"Turn off the lights and I'll glow."
"I rock a mike like a vandal."
"I'm killin' your brain like a poisonous mushroom."
"I'm cooking MCs like a pound of bacon."
"I go crazy when I hear a cymbal and a high hat."
"I grabbed my nine."
"I'm a lyrical poet."
"My style's like a chemical spill."
"If my rhyme was a drug, I'd sell it by the gram."
"If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it."

05 May 2009

December 2007

when I am alone
And the rain is dancing,
I stretch and sigh
And listen to its call.
It falls with the wind,
a wet, crooked blanket.
Each drop (a moment).
I close my eyes and reply; a shiver down my arms.