22 August 2005

Monday - root of all evil

Gawd, I am soooo bored right now. I can’t even look out my window cos my view isn’t even a view… In fact I am just bored enough to take a photo of my so-called “view” and post it here. After all, I have this fandangled cell phone…

My view, which is ugly anyway, came out rather badly due to the weird lighting. If you can’t tell, I look out directly on to another building. I often watch the girl across the window playing ‘Solitaire’ on her PC. Please note I also have to look at a rubbish bin…

This is the “fun corner” of my desk at work – my Olivia the pig desk calendar, my ‘You Say I’m a Bitch like it’s a BAD thing’ flip book (today, displaying “Drink Coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy!”), and my Audrey Hepburn card.

I am also bored enough to share my current play-list:

I Turn My Camera On ...Spoon
Finding Out True Love is Blind ...Louis XIV
Red Moon ...Turin Brakes
Lotion ...The Greenskeepers
Last Night ...The Strokes
Not That Social ...The Von Bondies
Crabbuckit ...K-Os
It’s All in My Mind ...Teenage Fanclub
Maps ...Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Nothing Brings Me Down ...Emiliana Torrini
Chinese Burn ...The Curve
Ghostwriter ...RJD2
Destroy Everything You Touch ...Ladytron
Southern Belles in London Sing ...The Faint
Color Bars ...Elliot Smith
Lua ...Bright Eyes
Magnolia Mountain ...Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Life on Mars ...Seu Jorge

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