27 March 2005

REM rocked my world

Also rocking my world right now is rock candy - wonderful sweets that they are... unfortunately for me I am a candy muncher - I can't help but chew no matter how hard the sweets are! Result? Ouchy! Though I don't think I have chipped any teeth... yet.

Anyways, I am baaaaaccck! I had a wonderful trip down to Christchurch to see R.E.M live in concert *huge grin*. Sarah and I flew down on Thursday morning, dumped our luggage, and headed straight to the mall. Man, that sounds shallow, but our motel was opposite a mall and we had to wait for Mel's bus to arrive in Christchurch. We shopped around, grabbed some food, and headed back to our room.
Mel turned up after 4pm - we had a catch-up: she'd been down in Queenstown for a few days.
We grabbed some yummy pizza for tea, which complimented our Jacob's Creek bubbly wonderfully hehe. Then it was off to the concert! Except the first time we set off, it turns out we went completely the wrong direction! Doh!
So, half an hour and a couple of blisters later, we arrived. The opening act was Bright Eyes - Conor Oberst was fricken great! All I'd heard of him was the 20 minutes I spent listening to Mel's CD before we left for the concert. He reminded me incredibly of Ryan Adams, and that is certainly not a bad thing. I will be looking for his CDs.
R.E.M played from around 9:30 to 11:30pm, and it was magic *sigh*. Michael Stipe was just mad (in a genius way!) - he had a blue stripe painted across his face, and he danced like he was one with the music. He had me smiling nearly the whole time.
They played around 25 songs - some new ones, and some favourites (Losing my Religion, Everybody Hurts, Orange Crush, Drive...)
It was worth the airfares, and the $127 tickets. I'd do it all again in a flash.

Unfortunately the guests who had our motel room before us *kindly* left the alarm clock set for 6:30am. And it was right next to me. I had my earplugs on... In the end I ripped the clock out of the wall.. So, even though post-REM Friday started off rather horridly, it turned out to be a great day. Dad called me and pretended to be Michael Stipe, which was very cute and amusing for all who overheard the conversation.
Once we had injected V drink straight into blood-stream (caffeine was urgently required!), the three of us set off 5 minutes down that road to visit my friends Angela and Paul.
I hadn't seen either of them for a couple of years so it was great to catch-up. Mel, Sarah and I ended up spending the whole day with them - we had lunch at the Boat Shed Cafe (complete with a beautiful black and white cat that helped eat the bacon from my panini!), looked around Cathedral Square and inside the Cathedral, and the Gardens.
We had $5 Thai for dinner, played xbox games, and then watched Rove (Rove also rocks!). It was such a great day - Cheers to Angela and Paul!!

Saturday was check-out day, and more shopping. I bought waaaaay too many DVDs, and spent heaps of money on other wonderful and pretty things.
It feels damn good to be back home though - in my own room and listening to my new Pluto CD *sighs with happiness*

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